News Clips for February 17-19, 2021

Why the University of Utah’s dental school aims to serve the underserved

Caring for the underserved fosters empathy and a commitment to providing the best treatment for all patients.

Proposed ban on gender reassignment treatment for minors stalls at Utah Capitol

A proposed prohibition on doctors from performing gender reassignment treatments on minors stalled in a House committee on Friday after an emotional debate between doctors and LGBTQ advocates.

Does Utah need a homeless boss? Sweeping bill to restructure system OK’d

A Utah House panel offered early support to a bill that would create a central leader on homelessness and make other sweeping changes after a study late last year identified several issues with the state’s homeless services system.

Only sole finalist for college presidency would be revealed under Utah lawmaker’s proposal

As the Utah System of Higher Education embarks on a search for the next president of the University of Utah, state lawmakers are considering changes to the presidential search process that would render it less transparent.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee poised to lead antitrust charge against Big Tech, which he calls ‘nightmare of censorship and hypocrisy’

Utah Sen. Mike Lee minced few words in an announcement this week that he’s ready to lead the charge against U.S. Big Tech companies and what he sees as a widespread effort among those interests to suppress conservative voices and ideas and wield market power to suppress competition.

Waste or worth it? Gephardt puts portable UV devices to the test

Ultraviolet light sanitizers that promise to kill harmful viruses are selling like hotcakes right now. But can a device selling for as little as $40 pack enough ultraviolet wallop to kill a virus? And if so, is it safe to use?

2.9M fewer people visited Utah's Mighty 5 in 2020 but park visitation is rebounding in record levels

Utah's national parks felt about as vacant as they ever have since they were designated by the federal government as the threat of COVID-19 became more apparent.

IN FOCUS Discussion: Black History Month

Each year during the month of February, the U.S. celebrates and recognizes Black History Month on a federal level. The celebration includes a vast spectrum of incredible stories, figures, accomplishments, events, and more in U.S. History. But it’s also a time for the country to reflect on the painful events of the past and address the inequality, discrimination, and systemic issues that still exist today.

A Look At The Impacts Of Insect Decline, Ways To Counteract It

Insects have a reputation for “bugging” us humans with their bites, stings and incessant buzzing. While we may wish they would just go away, researchers have concerns about declining “bug biomass” and how it could impact us.

Revisiting 'Transracial Adoption' With Sara Jones On Tuesday's Access Utah

The Utah Women’s Giving Circle presented their “Resilient 2020 Speaker Series | From Susan B. Anthony to RBG: The history, resilience and call to community.” The concluding event in the series was held in November 2020, and was titled “New Possibilities Amidst the Unraveling.” Sara Jones, CEO of InclusionPro talked about how to identify opportunities in the midst of turmoil. She reminded us that unraveling our expectations gives us space, freedom, and clear eyes to see things differently.

It’s Time to Reset Your Relationship’s Power Dynamics

The pandemic threatens to set gender equality back a generation. Here’s how to temper that in your own home.

Leadership Program Moves From Michigan to Utah

The New Leadership Academy Fellows Program will move its administrative base to the University of Utah from the University of Michigan, the program announced Thursday. The program will be a partnership between the university and the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education. It was previously led and supported by the University of Michigan’s National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good.

Some dinosaur migration was delayed by climate, study shows

Plant-eating dinosaurs probably arrived in the Northern Hemisphere millions of years after their meat-eating cousins, a delay likely caused by climate change, a new study found.