News Clips for Feb. 7, 2019

Ban on hand-held cellphone use by drivers finally headed to a floor debate after years of failed attempts

After years of failed attempts, a bill to more clearly ban the use of hand-held cellphones while driving finally managed to get out of a House committee on Wednesday.

Park City High School senior receives University of Utah’s youth leadership award

When Nina Williams stumbled upon the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Leadership Award last fall, she added it to her ever-growing pile of scholarship and college applications to complete. But as she sat down to knock out another essay for the application, she paused to reflect on how leadership and service opportunities have shaped her life.

Natalie Gochnour: Utah’s coal transition belongs to all of us

Dinosaur bones, footprints, eggs and other fossils can be found throughout eastern Utah. It is a paleontologist wonderland because here, in Utah’s coal country, the last dinosaurs came to die.

Sponsor of bill on Down syndrome abortion ban says this year’s version sidesteps constitutional issues

A bill that aims to forbid abortions sought simply because of a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis passed out of a House committee Wednesday.

Consumer watchdog loosens Obama-era guardrails on payday lending

Watch Now Venom holds the top spot of the Official Film Chart Tom Hardy's superhero thriller is this week's best-selling film. $^Bkx Consumer watchdog loosens Obama-era guardrails on payday lending Brian Cheung Reporter Yahoo Finance6 February 2019 The Trump administration plans on loosening the regulatory red tape on the payday loan industry, the controversial business that helps millions of Americans make temporary ends meet at the risk of getting trapped in costly debt spirals.

Utah school becomes latest to ditch Native American name

Sports teams will no longer be known as the “Redmen” at a southern Utah high school, becoming the latest to get rid of a Native American name deemed offensive despite opposition from some residents and a national American Indian group.

News of 1993 molestation costs Latter-day Saint filmmaker spot with nonprofit group. University of Utah puts him on administrative leave.

News of a 1993 child-molestation admission has prompted the University of Utah and a Salt Lake City arts nonprofit to distance themselves from filmmaker Sterling Van Wagenen.