News Clips for Feb. 25 & 26, 2020

America could run low on medicine at the worst possible time

By now, it seems pretty clear that China was caught flat-footed by COVID-19, known colloquially as the coronavirus, with potentially dire consequences for the country and its economy, not mention the rest of the world. But there's an additional unpleasant irony to that already grim news: Thanks to the way America's pharmaceutical industry has rearranged its global supply chains, a medical crisis in China could possibly throttle the supply of drugs Americans need to fight a medical crisis here.

The Sahara used to be full of fish

When you think of the Sahara, seafood probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. For thousands of years, this massive desert stretching across North Africa has been home to just the scant few animals adapted to life in hot, arid land.

Potential drug target discovered for cerebral malaria treatment

Scientists have discovered the role of the protein EphA2 in causing blood–brain barrier disruption in cerebral malaria, suggesting the protein could act as a potential drug target.

Coronavirus Hits U.S. International Programs Outside China

Syracuse cancels its Florence study abroad program, and other institutions make changes to programs in Italy, South Korea and elsewhere as coronavirus spreads globally.

Here are the contenders for STAT Madness 2020.

A DNA microscope. A gene therapy for “bubble boy” disease. The restoration of cellular activity in pig brains four hours after death. Nano-robots that might clean teeth better than flossing.

Investing in a Coding-School Graduate Could Get You 13% a Year

For investors starved of yield, it was an appealing proposition: a potential 13% return. You just had to be willing to take a flier on the future earnings of 1,000 coders.

Bountiful startup's migraine prevention glasses bring $250,000 in seed funding to Northern Utah

Migraine prevention glasses won the day at the Silicon Slopes startup competition, beating out more than 100 startups that pitched their products in a bid to win $250,000 in seed funding.

From almost purple back to red: Has Utah warmed to Donald Trump?

Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Utah was the subject of national speculation as media outlets churned out headlines like, “How Trump could end the Republican lock on the Mormon vote,” and “Why Utah Mormons’ distaste for Trump could turn a red state reluctantly blue.” This year, Utah is expected to return to its deep red roots, and political scientists are no longer questioning whether Utahns will go for Donald Trump.

University of Utah exploring how to address racism aimed at black men

The University of Utah is taking steps to confront difficult topics regarding race and diversity through frank dialogue and thoughtful conversations.

University of Utah’s South Korea campus takes precautions against coronavirus spread

All classes at the University of Utah’s campus in South Korea will be held online while the country faces a major outbreak of the coronavirus — and any students who may have been exposed to the illness are being asked to “self-quarantine” in the dorms.