News Clips for Feb. 21, 2020

Mysterious ‘ghost’ populations had multiple trysts with human ancestors

The story of human evolution is full of ancient trysts. Genes from fossils have shown that the ancestors of many living people mated with Neanderthals and with Denisovans, a mysterious group of extinct humans who lived in Asia.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts offers mindfulness program

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ mindfulness program is helping people live better through the arts. The UMFA began offering yoga in 2014 and then added mindfulness in 2017.

Wronged by a Utah government agency? Why you can't sue

If a person damaged your property or hurt you in some way, you could go after that person to make it right. But in the state of Utah, if a city, a county or even the state hurts you or your property, the government agency can hide behind a state law and get out of paying you a dime.

Weird science: 7 published medical studies that are beyond strange

Occasionally, researchers do offbeat experiments to advance our understanding of medicine. In these instances, rather than focusing on pressing medical conditions, they tend to hone in on more obscure science, like what really happens after a poisonous spider bite or whether we drive better while talking on a cell phone or while intoxicated.

‘Ward families’ may account for Utah’s marriage success

The “ward family” may help sustain Utah’s strong marriage culture. Writer and social commentator David Brooks recently penned a 9,000-word article for The Atlantic titled, “The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake.” The piece makes the case that the mid-century success of the nuclear family was anomalous.

Science Papers Include Thymus Cellular Map, Ancient Archaic Hominin Admixture

A comprehensive cellular map of the human thymus across a lifespan is presented in Science this week, marking the latest offering from the Human Cell Atlas initiative. A team led by Wellcome Sanger Institute scientists use single-cell RNA sequencing to create a cell census of the human thymus across the lifespan and to reconstruct T cell differentiation trajectories and T cell receptor recombination kinetics.

Check Your Health: Managing dry winter skin

Winter in Utah is tough on everyone’s skin. When the temperatures drop, the air loses humidity, which causes our skin to become dry, chapped and itchy. Cranking up the heat in your house can make the problem worse because it makes the indoor air even drier.

Chicago Judge Says His Bail Reforms Were a Success. But Independent Reviews Show Flaws and More Crimes.

Chicago's bail reforms may not have had the rosy outcomes indicated by a top county judge's analysis, which independent researchers say is downplaying the new crimes that have resulted from allowing defendants to await trial outside of jail.