News Clips for Feb. 20, 2020

New University of Utah Police Chief takes office

The stakes are high as the University of Utah’s new police chief takes office Wednesday. The veteran law enforcement leader is tasked with rebuilding trust after criticism of the department mishandling reports leading up to the murder of Lauren McCluskey in 2018.

U of U Hospital launches Rapid DNA testing for critically ill infants for faster diagnosis

The University of Utah Health announced Tuesday the launch of a pilot project to quickly and accurately detect genetic disorders among newborns in its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Changes In Attitudes At Higher Latitudes: Utah Reconsiders Its Response To A Hotter Planet

All politics is local, and what gets local people riled up is usually money. Ideology is one thing, but when you start taking money out of people’s pockets, they tend to sit up and pay attention. That’s exactly what’s happening in Utah, a certified red state where the full conservative mantra as preached by Faux News is de rigeur. So why is Utah beginning to talk openly about the risks associated with an overheated planet? It’s the money, stupid, same as it always is.

Jacqueline Osherow Reads Her Poetry

On Feb. 12, 2020, the Provost’s Humanities and Jewish Studies Colloquium Committee invited Jacqueline Osherow, an award-winning poet and Distinguished Professor at University of Utah, to read from her latest book of poetry, My Lookalike at the Krishna Temple (LSU Press, 2019).