News Clips for Feb. 2-4, 2019

A planetarium in St. George? It’s an idea that’s gaining momentum.

A fascination with space has been around since the Egyptians crafted celestial objects in hieroglyphics and the constellations were depicted in globes created by the Greeks, setting the stage for the modern-day planetarium.

Meet Generation Z. They're kind of like millennials, but here's where they're different

They're smart and getting smarter, expected to be the best-educated generation in America. They're also more diverse, more tolerant and more tech-savvy. That's an early assessment of Generation Z, the generation following millennials, based on a recent analysis of surveys of young people by Pew Research Center.

U of U Health shares helpful tips for people with carpal tunnel syndrome

University of Utah Health shared some helpful tips when it comes to dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. The human wrist is filled with a variety of bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves; and, nine of those 10 tendons and one large nerve are clumped together inside a small area known as the carpal tunnel. With being such a small area, problems can arise in some people.

Multitasking: 5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Work

Take a moment to think about all of the things you are doing right now. Obviously, the first thing on the list is reading this article, but chances are you are also following up on action items from yesterday’s meetings, glancing at email, planning today or tomorrow, listening to music, distracted by smart phone alerts, and of course, you have a task on your desk that has momentarily been put to the side.

Utah Legislators Can Amend Ballot Initiatives Once They Pass—What Does It Mean When They Do?

Utah voters approved all three citizen initiatives that were on the ballot in November; not a month later, the state Legislature replaced Proposition 2 with a different medical cannabis law. Now, state legislators have proposed bills to amend or repeal full Medicaid expansion, as approved by voters of Proposition 3. So, what’s the point of voting for ballot initiatives if the Legislature can just change them? KPCW’s Emily Means has more.

Utahns hate bad air, but poll finds few adopt changes that would make it better

All Utahns want cleaner air, so surely all Utahns do their part to bring it about. They join car pools, work at home, ride the bus or train. Right? Wrong.

Utah Professor Calls GOP Rep Offering Bill Banning Abortions After 15 Weeks 'Immoral'

A University of Utah professor, writing in the Salt Lake Tribune, responded to legislation sponsored by a state Republican that would ban abortion after 15 weeks by calling the representative "immoral" for sponsoring the legislation. UU law professor and adjunct professor of medical ethics and humanities Teneille Brown also opined, "There is no scientific proof that fetuses feel pain."

Polar bear at Utah’s Hogle Zoo to undergo surgery Monday for broken humerus

Nora, a 3-year-old polar bear at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, will undergo surgery Monday to repair a broken humerus.

You might be surprised by Utah's role in inventing the internet

John Warnock's visit to the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit Friday was a reminder that Utah's tech history precedes the birthdates of many of the tens of thousands who gathered this week to celebrate the state's current wave of innovation successes.

Why humans — unlike the great apes — must be active to be healthy

A 2004 article by Dennis Bramble (University of Utah) and Daniel Lieberman (Harvard University) argues that humans evolved to run their prey to exhaustion, which might account for the “runner’s high” that some experience.

Responding to Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed summarized the results of an independent report commissioned by the University of Utah and a state of Utah report regarding the tragic murder in October of University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey by a man she had dated briefly. The university’s response to the independent report and an associated media announcement emphasized that the institution agreed with the independent report’s assessment and accepted all of its recommendations.