News Clips for Feb. 16-19, 2019

Commencement Speakers Announced

Connecticut College, Duke, Grove City, Northwestern, Robert Morris, Rutgers-Newark, Seton Hall, Tulane, U California San Diego, U Pennsylvania, U Utah, U Wisconsin Madison, Webster, Widener

The Enduring Mystery of the Martian 'Blueberries' Discovered by Opportunity Rover

NASA has officially called an end to the historic Opportunity rover mission, ending a spectacular, 14-year adventure on the Red Planet. One of the rover’s most intriguing discoveries, however, came just two months after it landed, when it stumbled upon tiny objects bearing a startling resemblance to blueberries—the nature of which still divides scientists today.

My Top Tech Manager Buys Amazon For The First Time

If you have never owned Amazon, now may be the time.

UnDisciplined: The Occupational Therapist And The Evolutionary Biologist

First, we're joined by a researcher who uncovered a startling recent increase in deaths by suicide among people with an Autism diagnosis. Then, we'll chat with a scientist who helped reveal that stressors experienced by ancestors could help bolster the immune response of future generations.

Few University of Utah students who experience sexual assault report to campus officials, new survey shows

Not many University of Utah students — 12 percent of the nearly 32,000 who take classes there — filled out the school’s latest survey on campus safety.

A Utah lawmaker wants sex assault victims to have an option if a prosecutor won’t try their case

She went to authorities two years ago and reported that she had been sexually assaulted, but prosecutors declined to file charges, saying there were “evidence problems” with the case.

Now there’s a $50 million plan to save Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats, but will it work?

A century ago, industrial potash mining and land-speed racing emerged at nearly the same time and the same place in the United States: Utah’s gleaming white wonderland known as the Bonneville Salt Flats.

From no to neutral? LDS Church may have changed its stance on the Equal Rights Amendment

In the 1970s and ’80s, there was little doubt about where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stood on the Equal Rights Amendment.

Will Salt Lake City mayoral candidates have to raise more than $1 million to be competitive?

Salt Lake City mayoral candidates have already brought in a combined $540,000 — and experts say they expect the crowded race will become even more financially competitive in the months to come.

Utah lawmaker wants state to fund university study on ‘adverse health effects’ of medical cannabis

Utah officials are gearing up to hire staff, spend money and craft regulations to build up the state’s new medical-cannabis program. At the same time, they’ve also been asked to consider funding a study on the ills of the federally outlawed weed.

Sponsor of Utah hate crimes bill struggling to get support in Senate

A majority of Senate Republicans aren't behind a hate crimes bill to enhance the punishment for targeting victims because of race, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristics, Senate President Stuart Adams said.

Utahns are sick as influenza surges throughout the state

A lot of Utahns are sick with influenza, but the state health department reports fewer hospitalizations due to the highly contagious virus than last year.

'Never let your guard down': Utah avalanche experts offer safety advice

Utah avalanche season is in full swing and has claimed the lives of four people already, leaving experts urging that learning more about the deadly slides is an important way to stay safe.

Utah panel recommends no money for study to determine prevalence of maternal cannabis use

A $300,000 legislative budget request for a study to determine the prevalence of cannabis and opioid use by pregnant women in Utah hit a roadblock when a legislative committee recommended no appropriation to support it.

Book review: 'Sister Saints' an engaging history of 20th-century LDS women

Colleen McDannell holds the Sterling M. McMurrin Chair in Religious Studies at the University of Utah and is the author of a number of well-regarded books on American religious history. She has long been particularly concerned not with doctrine or abstract belief, but with the ways in which religion manifests in, and changes, the lives of those who believe in it. She has performed a double service for readers in her volume, "Sister Saints: Mormon Women Since the End of Polygamy."

Duty to report bill awaits final vote in the Utah House

When you witness a crime or a medical emergency what is your responsibility? One state lawmaker says it's your duty to report it, and he's running a bill to make it a crime for failure to do so.

Infection during pregnancy can cause hearing loss in unborn child

Pregnant women during this time of year, need to exercise extra caution to avoid getting a virus that could be passed on to their unborn child. It's a virus, doctors say could cause hearing loss and brain damage.

Civil rights leader, Baptist minister, educator Rev. France Davis to deliver U. commencement address

The Rev. France Davis, a longtime civil rights leader, educator and religious leader will deliver the commencement address at the University of Utah on May 2. The ceremony, to be held at 6 p.m. in the Jon M. Huntsman Center, marks the university's 150th campuswide commencement.

6 University of Utah professors studying air quality issues in Utah

Air quality is a prominent concern in Utah, but what are local professionals doing to improve the problem? Here are some professors at the University of Utah working hard to find new solutions to the air pollution issue in Utah.

2 small earthquakes shake Bluffdale area

Two small earthquakes hit along the border of Salt Lake and Utah counties Friday morning. Also in Deseret News, Standard Examiner, KUTV, Daily Herald, Fox-13, KJZZ, Gephardt Daily

Trump's emergency declaration could affect power of future presidents

A fight on multiple fronts is brewing following President Donald Trump’s use of executive power to find funding for the border wall. “I have no doubt that it will be challenged by lawsuits from here to there and back,” said Amos Guiora, law professor at the University of Utah.

58% Of Women Surgeons Suffer Sexual Harassment: Why This May Hurt You Too

A recent commentary in the Annals of Surgery and a study just presented at this year's Academic Surgical Congress focused on the B.S. that's been going on in the surgical profession. In this case, the B.S. is bullying and sexual harassment. It's also B.S. that may affect you.

Early fundraising success could signal positive trend for capital campaign: experts

Peter Moes, the director of annual giving at the University of Utah, said raising more funds than anticipated shows that GW has a good base of donors and support from which to build a campaign.