News Clips for Feb. 15-19, 2020

Geology talk: Sponge craziness and squid relatives

Two hundred and sixty million years ago, what now we call Utah and Wyoming were very different places. Shallow seas stretched to the horizon. If you imagine that area filled with big dinosaurs and gigantic birds, that time had not yet come. It was the age of the sponge.

Senate panel advances bill to provide birth control to more under Medicaid

During its second chance in front of a Senate panel, a bill that would allow more Utahns to receive family planning services and birth control under Medicaid received a 4-1 favorable recommendation Tuesday.

The Technology 202: Meme-makers are newest frontier in Facebook's political content debate

Meme-makers and Instagram influencers are at the center of the latest controversy over how Facebook should police political content on its platform.

How unusual are Trump’s pardons and DOJ criticism? 2 former judges weigh in

On Tuesday, President Trump pardoned or commuted the sentences of 11 people he said had served enough time or been treated unfairly. The moves come as the president has sharply criticized the Department of Justice for its handling of the case of longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone. William Brangham talks to two former judges, Harvard Law School’s Nancy Gertner and University of Utah’s Paul Cassell.

'Education deserts' are a 'staggering' problem, and for-profit colleges are taking advantage

It’s one thing to not be able to afford a college education. It’s an entirely different issue altogether when you don’t even have a college around you.

Grants seek to revitalize Utah’s coal country

Two central Utah communities are getting a financial boost in an effort to strengthen local economic development.

Red-state Utah embraces plan to tackle climate crisis in surprising shift

In a move to protect its ski slopes and growing economy, Utah – one of the reddest states in the nation – has just created a long-term plan to address the climate crisis.

Nucleic Acids Research Studies on Alu Genotyping, Stress Response Histones, Undocumented Small RNAs

A team from Cornell University, the University of Utah, and elsewhere presents a pipeline called TypeTE for genotyping Alu retrotransposon mobile element insertions using whole-genome sequence data based on a combination of known features associated with polymorphic Alu elements and local de novo sequence reassembly approaches.

How a discovery in 'junk' DNA could protect against heart disease

About 75% of human genes are referred to as “junk DNA” because they aren't involved in the production of proteins. But several researchers have been searching for jewels in that junk, including a team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital that's looking for new ideas for treating cardiovascular disease. Now, they've linked a seemingly worthless RNA molecule to a discovery they say could aid in the development of new drugs for atherosclerosis.

Online Schools Report Publishes Ranking of Best Online Master's Degrees in Gerontology for 2020

Online Schools Report has released their ranking of the Best Online Master's Degrees in Gerontology. OSR, the new student resource site, based their ranking strictly on data, prioritizing the school's ability to deliver an online education comparable to an on-campus degree.