News Clips for Feb. 12, 2019

U of U trustees meet for review following the McCluskey murder

niversity of Utah Board of Trustees will meet Tuesday to implement a new campus safety update. The update will include an implementation status of the 30 recommendations from an independent review following the murder of student Lauren McCluskey in October 2018.

On what would have been Lauren McCluskey’s 22nd birthday, University of Utah president says campus officers are receiving more training but repeats that none will be fired

It was the day that Lauren McCluskey would have turned 22. And on her missed birthday, the University of Utah’s president and police chief promised they’ve made significant changes to address missteps made by the school that investigators have said likely contributed to the student-athlete’s murder on campus last fall.

Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico to speak on Mexico, U.S. relations at University of Utah

Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico, is scheduled to speak at the University of Utah, Tuesday morning. The event, "World Leaders Lecture Forum," will take place at the Tanner Humanities Center at 11 a.m. Fox made headlines in 2016 for openly criticizing President Donald Trump and his border barrier plans. He is expected to discuss immigration issues and strengthening relations between the U.S. and Mexico. A protest against the former president's visit is also scheduled on campus at 10 a.m.

U of U professor nominated for Grammy

A University of Utah professor was nominated for a Grammy Sunday evening. Kris Johnson, a U of U assistant professor of jazz studies and the director of jazz studies, attended the annual music awards show Sunday evening because he was part of the Count Basie Orchestra, which was nominated for Best Large Ensemble Jazz Album.

Why Do We Get Back Together With Our Exes? Here's The Psychological Reason

Dating can be full of surprises and you can suddenly find yourself dating people you never expected to — including an ex. Even though there are some exes you probably never want to see again, there are probably others you still have a soft spot for and would be willing to give the relationship another chance. But why? What is the psychology behind getting back together with an ex?

NOVA Chamber Music Series’ Reflections concert to feature three Andrew Norman works

Composer Andrew Norman’s fascination with architecture arises from his admiration for the fearlessness exhibited in some of the most innovative examples from the field. There are, of course, the creations of architecture’s two ‘Franks’ who have been represented in his music: Frank Gehry, now in his late 80s and Norman has had discussions with him, and Frank Lloyd Wright, who died two decades before Norman was born.

White nationalist group rallies at the University of Utah with an anti-immigrant banner

Members of a white nationalist group hiked the hill to the University of Utah’s block U on Saturday, carrying red, white and blue smoke flares and laying down a banner that declared, “End immigration!”

Salt Lake City, the Newest Tech Hub

Salt Lake City’s tech market is taking off. The tech movement has been called Silicon Slopes, and while there has been a recent surge in activity, the market is built on a strong computer science industry dating back decades. As the latest milestone, Collective Medical is opening its headquarters in Cottonwood Corporate, which the company says will accommodate more growth. The city’s economic growth and talented labor pool—from the University of Utah—will propel more tech industry growth.

See what Utah looked like when the railroads met in UMFA’s ‘Race to Promontory’ exhibition

As millions of Americans alternate between their online and offline personas, they’re likely unaware of the origins of these decidedly contemporary terminology. "Online” and “offline” began as railroad terms, used to describe one’s status in relation to a railway line. So, while today’s youths use their “online” personas to transport themselves to a seemingly distant place — the internet — youths in 1869 were just being afforded the same opportunity.

Yellowstone volcano: How scientists ‘intensely monitor’ rising column of HOT MAGMA

The Yellowstone volcano has been "intensely monitored" by a team of scientists and volcanologists concerned by a 400-mile-long plume of hot magma that is rising beneath the surface of the Earth.

George Pyle: There is no such thing as ‘white culture’

Yes, there is a strong argument to be made that it would be better to just ignore the historically ignorant yahoos who are stirring up trouble at, among other places, the University of Utah campus and environs. (Historically ignorant both in the sense of not knowing anything about history and in the sense of being stupid on a historic scale.)