News Clips for Feb. 12 & 13, 2020

Trump takes on Judge Amy Berman Jackson ahead of Roger Stone’s sentencing

First he went after the prosecutors who recommended a multiyear sentence for his friend Roger Stone. Then President Trump turned his Twitter ire to the “witch hunt disgrace” of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, which led to Stone’s indictment.

University of Utah's electricity fueled by renewable energy

The University of Utah has agreed to an energy deal to allow the school to get more than half of its electricity through renewable sources, making it the first public college in the state to do so.

University of Utah to construct new $13M public safety building

The University of Utah will construct a new $13.8 million public safety building — part of the university’s ongoing effort to improve its safety image following the 2018 on-campus killing of student Lauren McCluskey.

Here’s the cost of ‘unique and amazing’ opportunity for Utah of hosting vice presidential debate

Hosting the vice presidential debate at the University of Utah will be a “unique and amazing” opportunity for the entire state, but it comes at a price, lawmakers learned Wednesday.

This week in Mormon Land: Women’s group sticks up for Romney, tithing jitters revealed, an apostle meets a president

Sen. Mitt Romney’s decision to buck his party and vote to convict President Donald Trump may be as divisive in the pews of chapels as it is in the halls of Congress and at dinner tables across America.

Patrol reminds Ohio motorists to ‘move over,’ stop driving distracted

Ohio’s “Move Over” law is simple. Motorists who encounter any vehicle on the side of the road with flashing lights should move over at least one lane or slow down if unable to change lanes. It’s a simple concept to protect human lives.

Geologists of Jackson Hole: Sponges were king when the West was an ocean

Two hundred and sixty million years ago, what now we call Utah and Wyoming were very different places. Shallow seas stretched to the horizon. If you imagine that area filled with big dinosaurs and gigantic birds, that time had not yet come. It was the age of the sponge.

Guest opinion: Performing arts: the bridge for connecting communities

What do a semitruck, a sixth grader, and a violin have in common? On the surface, very little. But put them all together and you discover some amazing truths.

Joanna Grossman: Failed BLM policies, not wild horses, are destroying the landscape

Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly cherish horses and support protecting them from harm.

Compromise allows Utahns to stop Driver License Division from sharing their personal info — but opting out will be cumbersome

Utah individuals soon may be able to stop the years-long practice of the Driver License Division sharing their personal information without permission with the University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute — but the process will be a bit cumbersome.

Salt Lake County honors a lifesaver and hands out ‘miracle’ overdose reversal drug to council members

Now that she’s in recovery, Tiffani King usually stays away from the areas in downtown Salt Lake City that she once frequented as an addict: State Street, Pioneer Park, North Temple and the now-closed homeless shelter on Rio Grande street.