News Clips for Feb. 1-4, 2020

Indigenous tribes are at the forefront of climate change planning in the U.S.

Temperatures in Idaho’s Columbia, Snake, and Salmon rivers were so warm in 2015 that they cooked millions of salmon and steelhead to death. As climate change leads to consistently warmer temperatures and lower river flows, researchers expect that fish kills like this will become much more common. Tribal members living on the Nez Perce reservation are preparing for this new normal.

The University of Utah created ‘Pleasure Packs’ to discreetly mail condoms to students

It’s sort of like the Grubhub of safe sex. Only in place of ordering a burger and fries, the University of Utah’s new delivery service lets students pick out a custom package of condoms and lube.

Ronald Mortensen: Driver license information of millions of Utahns given to the University of Utah

Over the years, the Utah Drivers License Division (DLD) has provided the personal identifying information of 3,997,558 Utahns to the University of Utah (the U.) for research purposes without obtaining the license holders’ consent to do so. In fact, a Memorandum of Agreement between the DLD and the U. expressly prohibits the U. from telling licensees that it is using information provided by the DLD to contact them.

'Roadmap' Poses Utah Policy Solutions on Air Quality, Climate Change

Could members of the conservative Utah Legislature be considering a plan to deal with climate change? The answer is a definite "maybe." As lawmakers returned to the Capitol this week, they found copies of The Utah Roadmap, a paper aimed at developing policies to improve air quality and address changing climate.

Intermountain Healthcare is building the nation’s model health system for children

Intermountain Healthcare in January announced an exciting plan to build the nation’s model health system for children that will enhance the health of children throughout the Intermountain West. It will build upon the impact Primary Children’s Hospital has made in the community to launch a series of facilities, programs, initiatives, and networks that make up this new health system.

Burn Awareness Week: How to stay safe and protect against contact burns

The week of February 3rd to 7th is Burn Awareness Week experts are warning about fire and burn safety.

Good news-Bad news about teens and tobacco use

Some good, and bad news when it comes to tobacco use among teens. A new study from the University of Utah reveals fewer teens are smoking, but many more are vaping. Researchers looked at data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey. It shows smoking rates have dropped over the past decade, and teens who do smoke do it less frequently and start years later. However, more than 20% of youth use now use e-cigarettes. The study was led by researchers at the University of Utah and published in 'Pediatrics.'

'Othered' in America: An old story, still playing out daily

Activist Hoda Katebi rarely takes a break from organizing. As tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalated in recent weeks, she became even busier.

Step aside CRISPR, RNA editing is taking off

Making changes to the molecular messengers that create proteins might offer flexible therapies for cancer, pain or high cholesterol, in addition to genetic disorders.

John Galt Announces Its Bi-Annual Scholarship Recipient: Sara Wilson

The scholarship committee at John Galt Solutions reviewed over 127 applications for its third biannual Scholarship for Future Supply Chain Leaders. One recipient was selected from an abundance of qualified applicants - a person who stood out not only for their dedication to their career in sustainable supply chain but also for their great potential as a strong future leader in the supply chain industry.

The controversy over female directors at the Oscars, explained

With the work of female filmmakers seemingly sidelined (and not for the first time), a conversation has started about the role of diversity and inclusion in the arts

Can Male Performance-Enhancers Give You Mind-Blowing Sex?

It’s a fact of life: Everyone wants to be better in the sack. “Male performance-enhancing” supplements promising to boost your “strength, stamina, and endurance” have been around for almost as long as the gas stations they’re sold in (okay, maybe not quite), and there’s a reason Viagra and Cialis are both in the top 20 most prescribed drugs despite only being effective for half of the population.


From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, these technologies are shaping the future of video games.

Utah Athletics department receives $6 million donation for women's sports

Christmas came early for the women athletes at the University of Utah It was announced on Thursday that two of Utah's biggest supporters of women's athletics, Leo and Harriet Hopf, will be gifting the women on Utah $6 million in support of both the women’s NCAA-sanctioned and club sports teams at the school.

Cash from cannabis companies creates conflicted researchers

Imagine that scientists charged with doing research on tobacco’s health implications were funded by tobacco companies. (In fact, the tobacco industry used this tactic for decades to cast doubt on the adverse health effects of smoking.) .