News Clips for December 8, 2020

Shelley D. Minteer named editor in chief of ACS Au journals

University of Utah electroanalytical chemist will lead 9 open access journals launching in 2021.

Nurses Say Covid-19 Is Pushing Hospitals to the Brink of Rationing Care: ‘It’s Sticking Fingers in a Dam’

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, trouble was brewing in Salt Lake County. The county’s seven-day average of new Covid-19 cases had roughly doubled over the past month, to more than 1,200 per day.

Chelsie Acosta: Making Black lives matter in education

Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color (BIYOC) are policed and surveilled every day in classrooms across the U.S. by those entrusted with their care and education, teachers. Utah statistics show BIYOC are suspended and referred to the juvenile justice system at a disproportionately higher rate than whites.

Frontline Utah healthcare workers could get COVID-19 vaccine next week

The first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine should be available for frontline healthcare workers in Utah next week. That from the Utah Department of Health during a Salt Lake Chamber webinar Tuesday morning.

Utah family dealing with second round of COVID-19

Almost seven percent of all Utahns either currently have or have had COVID-19, according to the state health department. The number is growing rapidly as the state continues to endure a spike in cases.