News Clips for December 4-7, 2020

Does another Winter Olympics make sense for Utah?

For Gov.-elect Spencer Cox, bringing the Olympics back to the state in the next decade or so would give Utahns a chance to show the world they’ve grown even more since successfully hosting the 2002 Winter Games.

Hitting the Books: An analog computer ushered in the video game era

Long disparaged by the Baby Boomer generation as either a childish distraction or a leading cause for the downfall of civilization, video games have weathered that criticism and grown into the dominant storytelling medium of the modern world — not to mention a $136 billion industry.

U. researchers find pollution linked to lower student test scores

Winter inversions in the Salt Lake Valley are doing more than harming kids’ lungs. Recent research found spikes in air pollution may also impact their performance at school.

Report: Utah's population rose 18.4% over past decade; Utah County outpaces Salt Lake for 1st time

It's believed Utah's population grew by more than half a million over the past decade but there are signs of growth stabilization, according to a new report released Thursday.

Should elderly people get a vaccine? At least one University of Utah doctor says yes

The University of Utah Health is discussing traveling during the pandemic, vaccinations, and COVID-19 impacts on elderly individuals.

U of U law professor pushing to undo immunity deal for Epstein's alleged co-conspirators

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but a University of Utah law professor is trying to help his alleged sex abuse victims find justice another way.