News Clips for December 3, 2020

With move to online classes, Utah’s athletes now have campus to themselves, but COVID-19 challenges remain

When the University of Utah announced its initial return-to-campus plan in June, it included the fact that in-person instruction would end no later than Nov. 25.

Mask mandates can actually spur the economy – depending on who enforces it, study says

New research on preventive measures for COVID-19 found that mask mandates across the U.S. are not only effective at preventing new coronavirus infections, but they also “persistently” promote economic activity.

Column: Canceling student debt should be a slam dunk. Here’s why

The question of whether the government should cancel the $1.6 trillion in student debt held by 43 million American adults drifted out of the political debate after the strongest advocates for the idea, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, left the race for the presidential nomination.

Monumental Racism

This week on the program, we air a panel on the push to remove monuments and statues linked to the history of racism and colonialism in the United States. While the issue has deep roots in American discourse, this year’s countrywide demonstrations over racial and civil inequality sparked by the police killing of George Floyd have highlighted the ongoing struggle over the meaning and legacy of these public monuments.

Letter: Winter is coming. We must do more to prevent poor air quality

There is no question that air quality is a huge concern here in Utah, especially with winter and inevitable inversions approaching. Breathing in these pollutants is unhealthy, and state actions that combat this issue includes the Utah Transit Authority occasionally providing free fare days and schools forbidding outdoor recess on red air days. However, these efforts are not enough.

COVID long haulers get a boost from University of Utah research

New University of Utah Health fundraising aims to find answers for COVID-19 long haulers: people who contract the virus but continue to deal with the effects months later.

Op-Ed: Viruses as a huge resource? Virus-eating plankton show the way

Everyone knew viruses were on the rampage long before the pandemic. Are they unstoppable? No; in fact some marine microbes are virus-hunting specialists, and there are some interesting new findings with that.