News Clips for December 16, 2020

University of Utah Health nurse first in state to get COVID-19 vaccine

University of Utah Health nurse Christy Mulder called it “an overwhelming day” after receiving the first COVID-19 vaccination in Utah, just hours after the first doses arrived at the campus hospital Tuesday.

Time’s Up Is Refrain as Supreme Court Chafes at Remote Arguments

University of Utah law professor RonNell Andersen Jones says the new format “absolutely cramps the style” of justices who tend to be the most aggressive questioners or interrupt most often.


Scientists have achieved a new world record in solar cell efficiency, allowing more power to be harvested from the sun’s energy.

UW artists, authors, explorers look at Colorado River Basin Anew

Almost from the moment the oars of his wooden drift boat dipped into the flows of the Green River in Wyoming in 1869, John Wesley Powell began to shape Euro-American visions of this arid region. The Colorado River Basin, where Powell spent most of his time in the West, now supplies water to no fewer than 40 million people.

Unexpected discovery leads to better understanding of migraine

An international study led by University of Utah Health scientists report that massive “plumes” of glutamate, a key neurotransmitter, surging in the brain could help explain the onset of migraine.

Some Utah bosses plan to require vaccinations for workers. Can they do that?

Some Utah businesses will require workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and you may not have a job if you don’t.

Dads took on more childcare when they worked from home during COVID-19. Will a vaccine end that?

John Tyreman had always helped around the house, but cooking and looking after the kids ramped up when he began to work from home full time amid the COVID-19 pandemic.