News Clips for Dec. 8-11, 2018

The Marriage Lust and Hyper-Violence of Amazonian Lethal Raiding Parties

A team of archaeological researchers in Ecuador have spent almost two decades examining raiding parties and their relationship to marriage alliances in the Waorani, an Amazonian tribal society, and conclude, “The act of killing another human is a really traumatic act, which causes people to share something in common psychologically that establishes trust and fosters things like friendships.” But how on Earth did they arrive at this somewhat morbid sounding conclusion?

University of Utah researchers examine why most patients have trouble being honest with their doctor

A pair of questionnaires designed by University of Utah researchers found most patients are not totally honest with their doctors, a new medical paper shows. The paper, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association's online resource JAMA Network Open on Nov. 30, said about 81 percent of patients questioned in one of its surveys said they "avoided disclosing" important health information with their physician. Those responses were collected using an online survey service called Amazon Mechanical Turk, collecting data from 2,011 people.

How Utah counties monitor pollution in the air during bad inversion spells

One look outside and it is obvious. Utah has been dealing with another inversion, trapping pollution in the bottom of the valleys. “The thermal inversions set up a little differently everywhere,” said Jared Mendenhall, a Utah DEQ Spokesman. However, the warning you find on the Utah Air app or Utah DEQ website is typically based on just one monitoring station in each county.

Developmental Disorder, Other Disease Genes Revealed by Mapping Regions Resistant to Change

By mapping protein-coding parts of the human genome that are relatively impervious to change, a team from the University of Utah and the University of Colorado has identified mutations known for contributing to developmental disorders as well as new candidate genes for these and other conditions.