News Clips for Dec. 7-9, 2019

Geologic powers and a moped-riding henchman headline a new crop of University of Utah video games

Going to work for a supervillain is a gig that comes with some serious professional challenges. Particularly when you’re expected to do the job while riding a moped.

American Healthcare Sucks So Much That People Are Trading Medication Online

A new study links the traditional healthcare system’s numerous failings to the rise of illicit market medical trade.

The Greatest Snow On Earth: Why is Utah’s snow so great?

Salt Lake Magazine presents the November/ December 2019 'Greatest Snow on Earth' issue. Associate Editor Jen Hill, brought along Tim Garrett, a professor of Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Utah, to help answer some questions about Utah's amazing snow and the science behind it.

The Winner (or Loser) of the SEC Championship Could Be Utah

Utes fans want to break into the College Football Playoff. But they might be stymied by the SEC—again.

Virtual Reality can help treat these four conditions

Through research, scientists have proved that VR can create new avenues for patients suffering from various conditions

Utah’s hate crime numbers don’t tell the whole story. Here’s what we know.

On a Saturday evening in the summer of 2018, a group of three people—two men, apparently in their early 20s, and a woman—were spreading a bag of rock salt across a parking lot at Brigham Young University.

George Pyle: In Utah and Idaho, these kids are all right

As a junior high and high school student, I hated gym class and gym teachers. And if you didn’t hate them, too, then you couldn’t be my friend. (Not that that would have been much of a loss for you. Unless you needed my help diagramming sentences.)

Federally Funded Health Researchers Disclose at Least $188 Million in Conflicts of Interest. Can You Trust Their Findings?

A National Institutes of Health database, which we’re making public for the first time, shows that researchers have reported more than 8,000 “significant” financial conflicts, potentially influencing their work.

Phones aren't the only distractions behind the wheel

Cellphones have become a real nightmare on the road. Fortunately, most governments have implemented new laws to deter drivers from texting behind the wheel and preventing other similar distractions.

Come nasce una Barbie ambientalista

Nalini Nadkarni ha realizzato la bambola con Mattel per promuovere la parità nelle scienze e l’amore per la natura. L’abbiamo intervistata