News Clips for Dec. 4, 2018

Utah adds 52K new residents in 2018 — but growth is slowing as fewer people have babies, and fewer immigrants move here

Utah’s population grew by an estimated 52,664 people this year — equivalent to adding a city the size of Logan. But growth is slowing, as Utahns are having fewer children and immigration is decelerating.

University of Utah engineers will study better semiconductor material for high-voltage electronics

Electricity as a form of energy is not exactly efficient because much of it is lost as heat. Or as University of Utah electrical and computer engineering associate professor Mike Scarpulla says: "Heat is the universe's garbage can for energy."

One of every four residents in Utah’s San Juan County lives in poverty. In Morgan County, just one in 25 is impoverished.

Utah’s San Juan County — dominated by the Navajo reservation — languishes with one of every four residents (25.9 percent) living in poverty. That is 22nd worst among counties in the West.