News Clips for Dec. 29, 2018-Jan. 2, 2019

How Biden Has Paved the Way for a Possible Presidential Run

When officials at the University of Utah invited Joseph R. Biden Jr. to speak there in December, Mr. Biden’s representatives listed a number of requirements for the appearance. His booking firm, Creative Artists Agency, said the school would need to fly Mr. Biden and his aides to Salt Lake City by private plane. It would have to buy 1,000 copies of his recent memoir for distribution to the audience. There would be no insertion of the word “former” before “vice president” in social media promotions.

Critter cams have produced thousands of images of wildlife roaming northern Utah’s mountain trails

As many a northern Utah mountain biker or cross-country skier knows from firsthand experience, moose often hang out on favorite trails and are not always in a hurry to let a rider pass, yet most cyclists can go a lifetime without ever seeing a cougar or a bobcat while touring.

Northwestern beats U of U in Holiday Bowl 31-20

The University of Utah lost to Northwestern in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego Monday evening 31-20. During the first quarter of the game, the Utes scored two touchdowns, leading Northwestern 14-0. By the end of the second quarter, the Utes had secured a 17-point lead over Northwestern, ending the half 20-3.

Does Exercise Work Without Dieting? Why New Year’s Weight Loss Is Hard

If your New Year’s resolution revolves around getting fit and losing weight without dieting, you may be in for a tougher battle than expected. It turns out, just exercising alone likely won’t result in weight loss.

University of Utah researchers: Alzheimer's patients can benefit from familiar music

MRI scans of patients who have Alzheimer's disease show that playing songs with personal meaning to them activates parts of their brain that still have a semblance of memory retention, researchers at University of Utah Health say.

New guidelines address care for malignant pleural effusions

New clinical practice guidelines for the management of malignant pleural effusions were published in the January issue of the Annals of the American Thoracic Society. Chakravarthy B. Reddy, M.D., from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and colleagues representing the American Thoracic Society, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and Society of Thoracic Radiology conducted a systematic literature review to develop clinical practice guidelines for the management of malignant pleural effusions.

Tribune editorial: Can the Great Salt Lake be great again?

New research from the University of Utah reveals how dust from the dry Great Salt Lake bed is picked up by wind and deposited on snowfields in the Wasatch Mountains. That dust hastens the snowmelt, which reduces the mountain snowpack.

The University of Utah agreed to pay Joe Biden $100K to speak on campus. This is why he didn’t take it.

The University of Utah agreed to pay former Vice President Joe Biden $100,000 to speak on campus last month, but when Biden heard the money would come from state coffers he declined the check.

Letter: Hatch has much to apologize for

The 2018 Sen. Orrin G. Hatch Apology Tour continues, as he reverses himself regarding statements that our president is not subject to the rule of law.

Utah Utes honor Lauren McCluskey at Holiday Bowl

As the Utah Utes take the field for the Holiday Bowl in California, they will be honoring student athlete Lauren McCluskey. The track athlete's mom Jill tweeted out a picture, saying thanks to Utah for honoring her daughter.

Guest opinion: Lauren McCluskey's death was preventable

On Christmas Eve, the Salt Lake City Police Department released a disturbing audio recording of University of Utah coed Lauren McCluskey’s 911 call made on Oct. 19, just three days before her murder on Oct. 22, hoping that someone in law enforcement would take her case seriously.

Lauren McCluskey Sought Help Against A Dangerous Man. She Still Died.

Lauren McCluskey’s friends became deeply worried when the University of Utah college student began expressing deep distress related to a relationship with an older man earlier this year. They spoke to university officials about it. McCluskey herself reached out to the university and police multiple times. But nobody stopped the man who eventually killed her, two new reports reveal.