News Clips for Dec. 27, 2018

Changing U.S. Patent Policy on Tech Standards Stirs Concerns

A shifting Justice Department view on standard-setting patents is triggering concern that technology innovation could be stunted. Companies that hold such patents—used to make sure products meet industry standards and can operate with each other—often license them to others in fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms that are set by third-party standard-setting organizations. The government typically has frowned on standard-setting patent holders suing licensees for patent violations.

Salt Lake Olympic Games: Past and Future

Today on the show, a forum on Salt Lake Olympic Games past and (potentially) future. Panel members discuss the history of Salt Lake City’s bid process to host the 2002 Winter Olympics, as well as the more recent effort to make Salt Lake the U.S. bid city for another Olympic games.

Dust has a big impact on snowmelt in Utah

Today’s Video of the Day from the University of Utah describes how dust deposits impact snow levels across the Wasatch Mountains. The researchers found that a single dust storm in 2017 contributed 50 percent of all the dust for the entire season. The darkened snow on the surface absorbed more sunlight, causing the snow to melt a week earlier. The study is published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

The Year in Photo Review

Cue "America Rocks!" In his last year in Washington, D.C., longtime Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch made a few visits to the state—one of which included the announcement establishing The Orrin G. Hatch Foundation, which will be built on South Temple in partnership with the University of Utah. With the federal courthouse also named after him, we'll never forget the man, or the ghost, Orrin Hatch.

Review of McCluskey Domestic Violence Case Uncovers Missteps by Campus Police

An independent review of the murder of University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey has found that campus police (UUPS) were understaffed and not properly trained in handling domestic violence cases, which led to her death.