News Clips for Dec. 22-26, 2018

Alzheimer's Research At The University Of Utah

Dr. Jason Sheppherd is a professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of Utah. He was granted the $2.5 million Ben Barres Early Career Acceleration Award from the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to study a potential cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Ute fans wished for the Rose Bowl, but more than 10,000 of them will still attend the Holiday Bowl

University of Utah athletic administrators successfully persuaded Holiday Bowl organizers that Ute fans would respond to the opportunity to watch their team play in one of the Pac-12′s top-tier bowls. They’re being rewarded with a projected strong turnout, after roughly 10,000 fans invested financially and emotionally in the conference title game and were disappointed about missing the Rose Bowl.

Got a great business idea? $100K up for grabs in University of Utah's entrepreneur challenge

Utah college and high school students looking to become the "Next Big Thing" in business have a chance to score some serious cash and get a little real-world experience, thanks to the University of Utah's Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

Why Utah doctors are hesitant to recommend medical marijuana, even though it is now legal

David Parault visited his doctor earlier this month resolved to put it all on the table. He explained how earlier in the year, he’d conducted a self-designed “case study” with THC-laced mints to soothe his chronic neck and back pain. The cannabis had not only blunted the ache but lifted him out of an extended depression. For the first time in years, he’d gone for a jog.

Recordings show slain University of Utah student Lauren McCluskey's concern before fatal shooting

Dispatch recordings show a University of Utah student grew increasingly concerned about the handling of her harassment complaint before her ex-boyfriend killed her on campus.

Intermountain Healthcare, U of U Health tell physicians not to make medical cannabis recommendations yet

Two of the state's largest healthcare networks are instructing their physicians and nurse practitioners not to issue medical cannabis recommendations to patients immediately.

Study: Utah's dust threatens economy, water supply and 'Greatest Snow on Earth'

According to research from the University of Utah, dust is a threat to one of Utah's most important assets: its snow. It found that declining water levels in the Great Salt Lake contribute to early snowmelt.

Dust blowing off the shrinking Great Salt Lake is eroding Wasatch snowpack and that could eventually threaten drinking water

The winds kicked up in Utah’s West Desert ahead of a late-season storm blowing out of the south and into the Wasatch Mountains, which were then coated with a heavier-than-usual snowpack. But soon the winds shifted west and scraped up particles from the bed of the Great Salt Lake, left exposed from chronically receding lake levels.

Study: Great Salt Lake dust causing earlier mountain snowmelt

A new study says dust from the exposed lake bed of the shrinking Great Salt Lake is contributing to an earlier snowmelt along the Wasatch Front.

Tribune editorial: Lauren McCluskey’s death was preventable

Was Lauren McCluskey’s murder an inevitability? Of course not. Outside investigators released their report into the death of McCluskey outside her University of Utah dorm, and it is a withering assessment of an undertrained and undermanaged university police department.

Utah ranks high on Milken 2018 State Technology and Science Index

Utah’s continued economic strength pushed it to the 5th highest ranked state on the Milken Institute’s 2018 State Technology and Science Index.

Conference Of Islamabad National University Concludes

The two-day conference of Islamabad National University (INU) titled "Emerging Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan" organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) concluded at former Prime Minister House here Saturday.

Rainbows and unicorns: New report lauds Utah tech but local experts cautious

The Utah tech community's reign of accolades continue with the release this week of a new Milken Institute report ranking the state No. 5 in the country for the power of its science and technology pipeline.

BalletNext Presents 2019 Season in Partnership with University of Utah School of Dance

Be prepared for a blast of fresh air when Michele Wiles' BalletNext returns to New York Live Arts, February 19-23. Look out for the debut of a crop of new dancers hand-picked from the University of Utah's ballet program, at which Wiles is currently a Visiting Professor.

What's the ideal time to get pregnant?

The US Census just released the latest population estimate and one story persists—fertility rates are down. At the moment, one child is born every eight seconds in the US and one person dies every eleven seconds. Those two factors have yielded a natural population increase of one million last year, down from an increase of 1.8 million in 2008.

U of U takes plant experiment to outer space

This experiment is truly out of this world. The University of Utah's chemistry department will be taking an experiment into outer space.