News Clips for Dec. 19, 2019

University of Utah robotics breakthrough, the LUKE Arm, will be seen at theaters playing ‘Star Wars’ movie

Fans watching the new “Star Wars” movie in nine Utah theaters will get to see some real-life wizardry from the University of Utah’s College of Engineering.

U.S. pushes idea of tying tuition costs to future student income

Experts fear approach could give government an incentive to cut aid and could lock graduates in to big repayments.

McAdams may not be hurt politically by voting for impeachment

Utah Rep. Ben McAdams did what most of his 4th Congressional District constituents wanted Wednesday by voting to impeach President Donald Trump, according to new poll results that suggest the political fallout may be limited for the state’s only Democrat in Congress.

New method captures real-time movement of millions of molecules in 3-D

The human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, wages war in our bodies using a strategy evolved over millions of years that turns our own cellular machines against themselves. Despite massive strides in understanding the disease, there are still important gaps.