News Clips for Dec. 14-18, 2019

New prosthetic limbs go beyond the functional to allow people to ‘feel’ again

Phantom pain was all that Keven Walgamott had left of the limb he lost in an accident over a decade ago — until he tried on the LUKE Arm for the first time in 2017, and told researchers that he could “feel” again. The arm is a motorized and sensorized prosthetic that has been in development for over 15 years by a team at the University of Utah.

Meet the 3 finalists to be the University of Utah’s next police chief

Holding onto a microphone, a woman listed the four females with ties to the University of Utah who have been murdered in the past few years. A staff member was shot to death by her husband in a parking lot. A medical resident died after her boyfriend pulled a gun on her at their apartment. A 23-year-old kinesiology major was killed by a man whom she briefly communicated with on a dating app. And a track star was shot multiple times by a convicted felon who had lied about his identity.

Following the lizard lung labyrinth

Birds and mammals are on extreme ends of the airflow spectrum. Mammals inhale oxygen-rich air and they exhale depleted air, exhibiting a so-called tidal flow pattern. In contrast, bird breath travels tidally through part of the respiratory system, but in a one-way loop throughout most of the lung. Biologists have discovered that Savannah monitor lizards have lung structures that are hybrid system of bird and mammal lungs.


To many mothers, the choice to donate their birthing tissues followed the same no-brainer logic as organ donation. “I just thought it was something that was going to be thrown away anyway,” says Stephanie Denton, a donor who lives in Colorado. If something good could come of it instead, she says, why not?

Envisioning Utah County’s Future: Sustainability group, local leaders explore valley’s growth opportunities

Utah County’s population is expected to reach 1.6 million by 2065, according to projections from the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, which would be 177% population growth since 2015. In four and a half decades, it is estimated that 28% of the state’s population will reside in Utah County.

LDS Church makes it easier for children of polygamists to convert

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints quietly has removed a policy that said children of polygamists could not join the Utah-based faith without disavowing their parents’ beliefs and moving out of the family home.

Survey Shows Patients With Diabetes Turn to Black Market for Supplies

An online survey has shed light on patients with diabetes in the United States who donate, trade, borrow, or buy diabetes drugs and supplies through an "underground exchange" or black market.

What caused Beethoven’s deafness?

When Ludwig van Beethoven’s magisterial 9th Symphony premiered in 1824, the composer had to be turned around to see the audience cheering—he could not hear the audience’s rapturous applause.