News Clips for Dec. 12, 2019

Google Isn't Looking To Revolutionize Health Care, It Just Wants To Improve On The Status Quo

To appreciate how much Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is betting on health care, here are a few of the initiatives and subsidiaries the company has formed or acquired: Verily (new technologies for diagnosing, managing and treating diseases), Google Fit (tracking and encouraging healthier lifestyles), Calico (research aimed at treating and even slowing aging), DeepMind Health (applying AI to health and health care), Senosis (turning smartphones into health monitors) and the recently acquired Fitbit (activity tracking).

Utah Saw Large Population Growth Over Past Decade

Utah experienced a significant increase in its population over the past decade, according to a new University of Utah report. The university's Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute released analysis Monday that found the growth was especially strong in Utah County. The institute based its analysis on census data, tracking Utah’s population growth since 2010.

Democrats' divide: Free college for all or for some?

Pete Buttigieg's latest ad on college affordability was a relatively quiet one: The presidential candidate is seen explaining his plan for free public college tuition for some to a small group of nodding middle-aged voters, his measured tone hardly shifting as he takes an indirect swipe at his Democratic rivals. But the message was received and returned — in all caps.

BioUtah and the University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization Announce Early Bird Registration for the 2020 Entrepreneur and Investor Summit

BioUtah, Utah’s only trade association dedicated solely to the life sciences, in partnership with the University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC), today announced that early bird registration is open for the 2020 Entrepreneur and Investor (E&I) Summit. The E&I Summit connects Utah life sciences entrepreneurs, as well as early and late-stage companies that are on the frontline of health innovation, with local and nationally recognized investors.

Utah Researchers Look Into Prescription Drug Black Market

The U.S. health care system is letting people down when it comes to prescription drugs. That’s according to a recent study from researchers at the University of Utah and University of Colorado, which looked at how and why patients with diabetes are going outside the system for the medical supplies they need.

90% of northern Utah’s dust comes from shrinking lakes, BYU study finds

Upwind from northern Utah’s urban centers is a network of lakebeds, dried-up remnants of a vast prehistoric inland sea that dominated the region when the climate was much wetter and cooler that it is today.

What medical students can learn about health from animals

Medical schools are partnering with veterinary schools and zoos on cross-species education and research. Turns out that animals and humans might be more similar than we think.