News Clips for Dec. 10, 2019

Utah saw huge population growth this decade, led by Utah County

One county in Utah was a surprising powerhouse for growth during the past decade, adding more people than any other—and in some unexpected ways.

Health researchers disclose $188 million in conflicts of interest, NIH data suggests

Federally funded health researchers reported more than 8,000 “significant” financial conflicts of interest worth at least $188 million since 2012, according to filings in a government database obtained by ProPublica.

Granny killer whales pass along wisdom—and extra fish—to their grandchildren

Many human grandmothers love to spoil their grandchildren with attention and treats, and for good reason: Studies have shown that having a living grandmother increases a child’s chance of survival. Now, new research shows the same may be true for killer whales. By providing young animals with some freshly caught salmon now and then—or perhaps with knowledge on where to find it—grannies increase their grand-offspring’s chance of survival.

Women's Suffrage Exhibit At The Park City Museum Runs To Mid-January

The Park City Museum is inviting the community to enjoy a free local’s day on Tuesday and then a lecture Tuesday night to accompany the traveling exhibit currently on display.

A single industry dominates small claims court cases in Utah: Payday loans

A study from the University of Utah's law school found that high-interest loan companies dominate the state’s small claims court cases, and some of the people owing money can even end up in jail.

Utah Ranks Among The Fastest Growing States In The Nation, Here’s Why

Utah’s economy is booming thanks to a combination of strong employment growth, a vibrant tech industry and collaboration between business, labor and government.

Newcomers fuel Utah County growth more than babies

Time to break out the Jell-O mold — those new neighbors most likely moved in from out of town. New population estimates confirm Utah’s changing profile, with more newcomers driving growth in the state as fewer babies are being born.

Letter: Lawsuits won’t mend broken hearts

And so it begins. With the hiring of former Utah Chief Justice Christine Durham to assist with the McCluskey family lawsuit brought against the University of Utah, the uniquely American spectacle of indignant celebrity lawyers forming their indomitable dream teams, complete with unceasing press conferences, photo ops and front-page coverage of their campaign to right a social/moral injustice is now upon us, in full array.