News Clips for Dec. 1-3, 2018

AP FACT CHECK: 11 Trump climate goofs and 1 correct claim

It’s elemental. President Donald Trump got his facts about earth, water, air and fire wrong as he and his aides spent a week attacking the White House climate report. In interviews and off-the-cuff remarks, public statements and briefings, the president and the White House made a dozen discernible claims about the National Climate Assessment that the White House quietly issued on the day after Thanksgiving. Only one was supported by facts.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the University of Utah on Dec. 13

Former Vice President Joe Biden is coming to the University of Utah to speak on Dec. 13. Biden, who served with President Barack Obama from 2009-17 after 36 years in the Senate, will appear at Kingsbury Hall on Thursday, Dec. 13, at noon. The event, sponsored by the university’s MUSE Project, will include am address by Biden, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session.

22 nonprofit healthcare leaders who sit on pharma boards

Twelve of the 19 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies have at least one director serving on their board who simultaneously serves in a leadership position at a healthcare system, according to BioPharma Dive. In addition, 22 directors total hold positions at pharma companies and healthcare nonprofits. Below is a breakdown of the leaders, including their position at the healthcare company, the drugmaker they help lead, the number of shares they own at the drugmaker andthe amount they earned from the pharma company in 2017.

Utah headed to the Holiday Bowl to face Northwestern in a matchup of Power 5 conference division winners

Utah received a pretty good consolation prize for coming up short in the Pac-12 championship game. On Sunday, the 17th-ranked Utes (9-4) accepted an invitation to play in the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl. They’ll face 22nd-ranked Northwestern (8-5) Dec. 31 (5 p.m., FS1) at SDCCU Stadium.

What’s the most bike-friendly college in America?

The top seven schools, announced in a Friday release are: UK; University of Maryland, College Park; Harvard University, Dickinson College, University of Utah, University of Vermont and University of Washington.

Utah researcher says premature use of embryonic gene editing 'shocking'

A prominent University of Utah researcher was among those rocked by the revelation at a Hong Kong conference this week that a Chinese researcher crossed ethical boundaries in performing gene editing experiments on human embryos. And according to the man who conducted the research, Dr. He Jiankui from the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China, at least three of those embryos were successfully implanted and two have already been carried to term.

102 schools for financial planning: Where are they located?

As the academic world of financial planning continues to grow, prospective planners have an array of choices to make when selecting a program. Advisors looking to hire new college-educated recruits also have a wider base to draw from. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a program, geography can rank high among them. Advisors looking to onboard fresh talent should also take note of which programs are closest to them.

Two days before the election, recording shows, top church lobbyist urged Latter-day Saints to ‘follow the prophet’ on medical cannabis vote

Two days before November’s election, a large gathering of Latter-day Saints listened as their stake president — also a powerful lobbyist — issued clear-cut guidance about their vote on a Utah ballot initiative for medical cannabis.

This new liquid ski wax gives you a lifetime speed boost

Skier and snowboarders love to go fast. They seek the thrill that comes from strapping on a pair of freshly waxed planks (or just one) and gliding down a mountain trail with controlled speed through carved turns.

Do you conceal the truth from your doctor for fear of being judged?

If you tend to stretch the truth while answering your doctor on questions related to exercise or diet, you have company. Some people lie to their doctors to avoid being judged, while others feel simply too embarrassed to tell the truth or just do not want to be lectured about how bad certain behaviours are, suggests new research. "Most people want their doctor to think highly of them," said the study's senior author Angela Fagerlin from University of Utah in the US. Also covered in: India New England Times, Web India 123, Süddeutsche Zeitung, TG24, Suara

Utah's wildfires, record heat and low snowpack—welcome to climate change, experts say

A congressionally mandated climate change report predicts dire consequences for the United States if greenhouse gas emissions are not immediately reduced, adding that some of the most severe impacts will occur in Utah and other parts of the Southwest. Utah experts say those changes are not on the doorstep, they're already here.

7 Simple Strategies to Supercharge Efficiency: How to Trim TATs Without Axing Accuracy

Big data is changing everything having to do with business analytics, but report turnaround times (TATs) remain at or near the top of radiology’s most scrutinized performance metrics. And for good reason. Consistently achieving efficiency on radiology-report TATs—or failing to—can make or break private practices’ relationships with hospital partners, elevate or crush academic radiology departments’ reputations and, today more than ever, affect the patient experience as well as the caliber of care quality.

Univ of Utah showcases anti-Trump, anti-conservative book art

The University of Utah Library is hosting a social justice exhibition in conjunction with the College Book Art Association.