News Clips for August 5, 2020

How Native Tribes Started Winning at the Supreme Court

In July, the court ruled that half of Oklahoma is an Indian reservation. The decision was two decades in the making.

School or no school? Masks or no masks? Where Utahns stand on school this fall

Cathy Clark’s four children are excited to go back to school, and she’s ready for them to walk the halls and sit in the classrooms again at Barratt Elementary in American Fork.

People hated wearing masks during the last big pandemic, too

If you think we’re somehow unique in how we react to pandemics in a more enlightened age, a stroll through old newspapers can be sobering.

New York City nurses travel to Utah to share knowledge gained fighting worst COVID-19 outbreak in country

As Utah is seeing a plateau in new COVID-19 cases, New York City nurses who fought one of the world’s largest COVID-19 outbreaks are now in the Beehive State to share their expertise with Intermountain Healthcare providers.

Lauren McCluskey explicit photos were shown to other officers, report says

Pictures were not digitally shared but were presented in hallway, at scene of her murder.

Who owns the airwaves?

TV frequencies may belong to the public, but four media giants in Utah hope to get inside your head.

What secrets does hair hold? It can reveal your diet, income and health, study says

Every meal you eat is recorded in each strand of hair on your head, revealing to researchers what health risks you might face based on diet alone. And if that’s not wild enough, hair can also reveal how much money you make, according to a new study conducted by University of Utah researchers.

10 Tips for Parents to Beat the COVID-19 Slide This Summer

With a little planning around your child’s academic and social-emotional growth—both of which are especially important during their early years—you can help prevent serious learning loss over the summer.

Utah football players stand with the #WeAreUnited movement

Sunday afternoon was not as peaceful as some people would've liked the day before Utah players began team activities.

Utah doctor questions school plan, warns an outbreak could spread ‘fairly quickly’

A renowned infectious diseases physician in the state fears that — “despite the best intentions” — Utah’s plans for reopening schools could lead to serious outbreaks and further spread of the coronavirus.

Report: University of Utah officer showed multiple co-workers intimate evidence photos of Lauren McCluskey

Days before student-athlete Lauren McCluskey was killed, a University of Utah police officer showed off explicit photos that McCluskey had taken of herself to at least three of his male co-workers without a work-related reason, according to a monthslong investigation from the Utah Department of Public Safety.