News Clips for August 25, 2020

College Reopening: The Outlook for In-Person Classes

A look at how U.S. colleges and universities are starting the semester, and the challenges for students with special needs.

Does Armed Protest Have A Chilling Effect On Free Speech?

A summer of protests highlighting the First Amendment’s protection of free speech has culminated in a movement highlighting the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to bear arms.

Students Are Returning To Campus And U Safety Leaders Want To Rebuild Trust Amid Amplified Scrutiny

The University of Utah’s Department of Public Safety has two relatively new faces this year. University Police Chief Rodney Chatman and Chief Safety Officer Marlon Lynch both joined the school in February, right before the COVID-19 pandemic picked up steam.

Speech therapy is back on at Utah schools, but why are some patients still facing COVID-19 related delays?

Parents across Utah are voicing concerns about their kids’ speech therapy sessions put on hold because of COVID-19.

Partner Therapeutics Initiates Patient Enrollment in U.S. Clinical Trial Evaluating Leukine® (rhuGM-CSF, sargramostim) in COVID-19 Patients

Dr. Robert Paine, chief of the division of pulmonary medicine at the University of Utah, and Dr. E. Scott Halstead, associate professor of pediatrics at Penn State College of Medicine, are principal investigators of the study.

10 Most Expensive Public Online MBA Programs

While some of the 10 most expensive public online MBA programs were created as early as the 1990s, others launched in just the last decade. For example, the University of Utah Eccles School of Business, which had a total program cost of $58,800 in 2019-2020, only began offering an online MBA in 2014, and the University of Maryland Smith School of Business, which had a total program cost of $88,776, also first offered an online MBA in 2014.

AM News Brief: Algal Blooms, Hot August Nights & Rep. Curtis' Climate Confession

Students at the University of Utah who moved into dorms earlier this month were by and large negative for the coronavirus. U spokesman Chris Nelson said the positive rate is .5% among more than 3,200 tests.

"By not acting, you're enabling." Why survivors are abandoned to protect institutions.

Dr. Robert E. Anderson was a physician at the University of Michigan from the late 1960s to early 2000s. Hundreds have accused him of sexually abusing them in the time period. The doctor is not here to answer for his actions. Most—but not all—of the people accused of enabling him are gone too. What, then, does justice look like?

Decrypted: Uber’s former security chief charged, FBI’s ‘vishing’ warning

The University of Utah paid almost half a million dollars to stop hackers from leaking sensitive student data after a ransomware attack.

Approval of blood plasma treatment has implications for Utah’s COVID-19 patients and researchers

As two physicians on the front line of Utah’s coronavirus pandemic talked about the potential benefits of blood plasma from recovered patients, a researcher Monday worried studies planned here could be impaired by wider use of the treatment.

Babies who are exposed to high levels of air pollution while in the womb have worse lung function as children and teenagers, study claims

Babies who are exposed to high air pollution develop worse lung function as children and teenagers, research suggests. A study of 915 children found that the higher the levels of air pollution they were exposed to in infancy, the worse their lung function became as they grew into adolescence.

16 COVID-19 cases among 3,248 students who entered University of Utah housing

Some are in isolation while others temporarily went home.

Lauren’s Promise: A pledge to increase campus safety and to help any person who may be in harm’s way

It’s the first day of classes for University of Utah students and nearly two years since the death of student-athlete Lauren McCluskey. In an effort to increase campus safety, students and professors can pledge to take Lauren’s Promise.