News Clips for August 21, 2020

Here’s how air pollution might make COVID-19 worse

Environmental advocates who have long sounded the alarm about the health problems associated with air pollution — including asthma, dementia, heart attacks and cancer — now have another bullet point to add to the list: COVID-19.

Stopping whack-a-mole approach: Scientists track coronavirus hotspots

The coronavirus pandemic has been like a game of whack-a-mole. That’s the game where plastic rodents pop up randomly and you have to pop them back down. COVID-19 outbreaks hit communities across the country, local officials scramble to allocate resources and enact public health policies. It’s playing with chance and risk, but now, there’s new data that can help. Now, for the first time, how COVID-19 moves over time is being mapped.

University Of Utah Announces ‘#ReinvestInU Campaign’ To Support Athletics

The University of Utah athletic department announced the “#ReinvestInU Campaign” for fans to support the school’s athletic programs. The campaign was announced by Utah athletic director Mark Harlan on Thursday, August 20.

Moving into dorm amid pandemic means testing, bringing lots of masks

Kristin Jamieson and Dan Robrecht confessed they were a jumble of emotions as they helped their daughter Rose move into her dorm room at the University of Utah on Thursday.

Inside an isolation room: University of Utah's plan for quarantining students

As the University of Utah students move into residence halls this week, more than 100 rooms will remain empty, intentionally.

University of Utah Health will start using saliva tests for COVID-19

Some Utahns getting tested for COVID-19 soon will be able to spit into a tube instead of having a swab shoved up their noses.

Cannabis Legalization In One State Does Not Lead To Higher Crime In Neighbor States

When a state legalizes marijuana, it doesn't lead to higher crime in neighboring states, a new study finds. Yet another marijuana myth is buried.

University of Utah paid hackers $457K after ransomware attack

The University of Utah's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences was the target of a criminal ransomware attack in July, the university announced Thursday, which the school ultimately resolved by paying the hackers nearly half a million dollars.