News Clips for Aug. 8, 2019

As Elephants and Whales Disappear, They Take Valuable Cancer Clues With Them

The loss of vulnerable mammals means scientists could miss out on useful quirks in their genetics.

Mass panic, false alarm reactions normal after mass shootings, expert says

The impact of these mass shootings is being felt across the country. With several false alarms, including one at the Valley Fair Mall Tuesday night, it begs the question – is the nation experiencing a form of post-traumatic stress?

Desert Storm vet finds PTSD help with Cognitive Processing Therapy

Ken Culler, a Desert Storm veteran, wants fellow veterans to know that there is now state-of-the-art psychological (non-medication) help for military personnel, veterans, first responders and family members struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicidal thoughts.


College and university art museums exhibit the dangers facing our environment.

University Of Utah Syllabuses To Include Safety Information

The University of Utah is requiring course syllabuses to include information about campus alerts, how to report suspicious activity, request courtesy escorts and contact campus police.

NexEos licenses novel imaging tech for diagnosing eosinophil-related inflammation

Diagnosing and monitoring an inflammatory gastrointestinal disease may soon become less invasive and more accurate, thanks to the pioneering research and commitment to patient health of three University of Utah physicians.

Utah mom struggling to pay $2,200 a month for son's insulin

All over the country, there are diabetics wondering how they’re going to pay for their insulin. As costs of the drug remain high, there are some cases where people have died trying to ration the medicine they have left.