News Clips for Aug. 8, 2018

Report: Most Transfer Students Leave College Without 2-Year Degree

A new report from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that only 60,000 students out of more than one million who started their educations at two-year institutions transferred to another college after receiving a certificate or associate's degree.

Technique uses nanoparticles to deliver oral medication

Researchers believe they have figured out a way to use nanoparticles as a way to deliver oral medication, including an insulin pill to control diabetes.

Researchers Deliver Curcumin to Cancer Cells by Solving Its Insolubility

A team has created a sophisticated metallocyclic complex using platinum that has not only enabled curcumin's solubility, but whose synergy has proven 100 times more effective in treating various cancer types such as melanoma and breast cancer cells than using curcumin and platinum agents separately.

Utah Rep. Mia Love sent a mailer with a quote attributed to The Salt Lake Tribune. It was from an opinion piece she wrote herself.

A government-paid mailer sent by Rep. Mia Love features a big-type quote that it attributes only to “The Salt Lake Tribune.” She never mentions it actually is from a opinion piece that she wrote herself for the newspaper’s commentary page.