News Clips for Aug. 31, 2018

San Francisco families spend $1,955 per month on child care. How do other U.S. cities compare?

There is no question it costs a lot of money to live in San Francisco. And for families, that’s before child care costs. San Francisco child care costs were deemed the highest in the country in a new analysis from HotPads.

New treatment for head lice uses heated air technology developed by University of Utah

The days of soaking hair in mayonnaise to get rid of head lice may be over. The Lice Clinics of America has released a new handheld OneCure™ device that patients can use at home

Cool Science Radio - Paul Corson, U of U's Center for Technology and Venture Commercialization

John and Lynn speak with Paul Corson, Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah’s TVC (Technology and Venture Commercialization). The University of Utah’s Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization helps bring inventions to market-they help turn ideas into more than just ideas.

University of Utah now requires clear bags for all sporting events

A big day as college football kicks off at the Rice Eccles Stadium and if you’re heading to any game this year, expect some big changes going through security. Except for small clutches no bigger than your hand, everyone must use bags that are clear.

Head lice treatment technology developed by University of Utah professor

September is Lice Awareness Month. Head lice can be a big fear for families especially as kids go back to school. One local researcher and doctor believes he discovered a cure-all.