News clips for Aug. 28, 2018

New lensless camera to create revolution in photography

Imagine using a camera which doesn't have a lens but rather just a regular pane of glass or perhaps any window which can become a lens. This is the future that awaits camera technology. Electrical and computer engineers of University of Utah have found a way to create an optics-less camera.

Studying the health effects of underground coal dust

Dr Thure Edward Cerling, professor of biology, geology and geophysics at the University of Utah and chair of the study committee, says: “There is a clear increase in the incidence of black lung disease in underground coal miners over the past nearly 20 years, after a significant decrease from 1970 to 2000.”

Scientists Have Discovered Two More Animals That Experience Menopause Like Us

Kristen Hawkes, an anthropologist at the University of Utah, was one of the architects of this research and what is called the "grandmother hypothesis." In this hypothesis, an older woman helps her children's children thrive. After menopause, when she can no longer have children, she devotes her time and accumulated knowledge to aid her descendants.

Jacob Weitlauf’s Makeup is Not a Drag

Jacob Weitlauf is a self-taught makeup artist and student at the University of Utah. Weitlauf has created a variety of makeup looks for them and others, including makeup inspired by drag culture. They share their work on the Instagram account @makeup_by_jacob.