News Clips for Aug. 23, 2018

Leading Utah's High Education Institutions - Utah Business

Three of Utah’s high education institutions have named new presidents this year. And while new leaders always usher in changes, there’s been one big change that the three institutions have in common: Utah Valley University, the University of Utah, and Westminster College named women to lead their institutions.

Camera system uses windows as lenses

We already see the world around us through the windows of our home or the windshield of our car, so … why not just use those things as camera lenses, instead of utilizing separate security or obstacle-avoidance cameras? Thanks to a new system created at the University of Utah, that could be a…

5 Money Concepts College Students Should Know Before Graduation

The sooner you become financially literate, the better decisions you take.

A “Substantial Proportion” of Hospital MRSA Infections Occur Post-Discharge, Study Concludes: Public Health Watch

The results are significant given the ongoing debate regarding the role of contact precautions for the gram-positive bacteria.

Teacher reprimanded for anti-gun syllabus

A University of Utah teacher is under fire for trying to alienate and target students who conceal carry in her classroom.

A See-Through Camera

A research team at the University of Utah, USA, has demonstrated a prototype of a lensless, see-through camera that uses computational optics to reconstruct images passing through an ordinary window pane.

Computational Imaging Enables a Camera to Use a Window as a Lens

An engineering team from the University of Utah has found a way to use a regular pane of glass or any see-through window as a camera lens. The technique uses a computer algorithm, instead of a lens, to identify, decode, and focus the image.

Teaching assistant at University of Utah under fire for concealed carry weapon section in syllabus

SALT LAKE CITY — A graduate teaching assistant at the University of Utah is under fire after she included a section in the syllabus discouraging students from bringing concealed carry weapons into her classroom. Just two days after handing out the controversial syllabus, the teacher has been reassig

University of Utah reassigns grad assistant over gun policy

A graduate assistant was reassigned from teaching a class at the University of Utah after she said that bringing a concealed carry gun to class “is absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior,” and that any of her students-even if permitted-who do so would be forced to stand in a “3x3 taped square.”