News Clips for Aug. 22, 2019

Gamers Got Game

The University of Utah's esports program strives to join the traditional athletics world.

The Victorian sex scandal that shook India

In April 1892, a small eight-page pamphlet in English circulated in the south Indian city of Hyderabad, the largest and wealthiest princely state within the British Indian Empire.

Migrant Crossings: Witnessing Human Trafficking in the U.S.

In this week’s program, we feature a lecture given by University of Utah professor Annie Fukushima—who works in the Ethnic Studies Division in the School for Cultural & Social Transformation.

Surgery bears fruit: Hogle Zoo’s Nora back on her feet

Nora the polar bear peaks into the sea lion enclosure as she swims in her pool at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. The 3-year-old polar bear broke her right front leg between her shoulder and elbow in January, presumably from her signature style of roughhouse play.

When it comes to investing, love at first sight doesn't always pay off

Putting money into a specific investment just because it's the most familiar or stands out in some way is an all-too common mistake. A recent study by Vanderbilt business professors explains why we do it, and points to a solution for making better investing choices.

Eating Under the Microscope

FOR MANY, THE JOURNEY from normal life to a stint living with strangers in a secluded conference center began with a Facebook ad. "JOIN OUR WEIGHT LOSS DIET STUDY!" it beckoned. "Lose 15% of your weight and stay for 3 months at a wooded lakefront retreat in Massachusetts."

Military personnel with suicidal thoughts less likely to store firearm safely

Active-duty military personnel with suicidal thoughts who reported having a firearm at home were less likely than nonsuicidal service members to store the firearm safely, according to a cross-section study published in JAMA Network Open.