News Clips for Aug. 2, 2019

Utah offers immediate, paid treatment for opiate addiction with revolutionary program

It took passing out and finding himself in the emergency room for a younger Jay Webb to finally take control of his life. "Gradually, my life had spiraled until I reached a crisis point," the recovering drug addict said Thursday. Webb, who suffered a legitimate autoimmune condition for which medication was prescribed, was going back and forth between feeling completely worthless and feeling like he could do anything, with the help of an ever-increasing dose of prescription pain medications. Also on KJZZ.

A Nearly 100-Year-Old Physics Model Replicates Modern Arctic Ice Melt

It might seem bizarre to modify a physics model originally used to study the behavior of ferromagnets to explore patterns of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice. However, this approach makes intuitive sense to Kenneth Golden, a mathematician at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Summit and Wasatch counties mayors discuss bipartisanship at climate town hall

Climate change is often framed as a partisan issue, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That was the message agreed upon by a group of Summit and Wasatch County leaders, local academics and students who discussed climate change at a panel at the Park City Library on Wednesday.

Professors And CCL Leaders Speak At Climate Change Panel Discussion

In addition to Mayors of Midway, Heber and Park City, others on the panel weighed in on climate change. Among those weighing in was Dr. Christopher Oscarson. Dr. Oscarson is a professor of Comparative Arts and Letters at Brigham Young University he is also a member of LDS Earth Stewardship. Oscarson clarified that he does not speak for BYU or the LDS church, but he did explain some of the doctrinal basis for his work to fight climate change.

A groundbreaking lesson about gender identity shines through ‘Saturday’s Voyeur,’ Utah’s annual musical satire

Jacob Weitlauf’s big number in this year’s “Saturday’s Voyeur” is a fast-paced vocabulary lesson. As the University of Utah student performs “50 Ways to Name Your Gender,” words appear on a screen behind the stage. Trans. Queer. And then lesser-known terms: Verself, terself, perself. Hirs, ze. Tri-gen, high-femme, bi-gen and neutrois.

How to Resist the Lure of Overconfidence

Confidence is arguably one of the most highly rated leadership virtues. But too much of it can be catastrophic, particularly when it comes to judgment and decision-making. Research has found that overconfident leaders can have a negative impact on organizational performance, leading to everything from introducing risky products that are unlikely to be successful to poor decisions about mergers and acquisitions. The foremost thought leader in decision-making, Daniel Kahneman, singles out overconfidence as the bias he would eliminate if he "had a magic wand."

New Mouse Model Predicts Two Clinical Trial Failures in Humans

A new mouse model designed with a microbiome similar to that of wild mice may be a better predictor of human responses to some drugs than commonly used lab mice, according to a study published today in Science. The authors repeated two preclinical studies that had demonstrated positive results in mice only to fail when they reached human testing. With the new models, the team saw results that resembled the drugs’ effects in people rather than the previously misleading mouse results.