News Clips for Aug. 2, 2018

Bad air caused by ‘cocktail’ of pollutants

Hazy air has clouded the Salt Lake Valley for days, and researchers say it means we're breathing in a concoction of pollutants. They say the air quality is expected to get even worse this weekend.

Questions value of lumbar fusion surgeries

Despite a substantial failure rate of 10 to 46 percent, elective lumbar fusion operations increased 62.3 percent by volume from 122,679 cases in 2004 to 199,140 in 2015, a new study by Brook Martin, Ph.D., of the University of Utah and colleagues reports.

YOUR HEALTH: Studying autism as kids become adults

What does adulthood look like to teenagers with autism? A researcher at the University of Utah went straight to the kids to see what they wanted their future to look like. That included Evan and Aaron Newman. They are about to graduate from high school. Both have autism. Both worry about impending adulthood.

Possible New Way To Treat Blocked Arteries Using Stem Cells

Scientists have reported injecting bone marrow cells into muscular wall of the heart restored blood flow to hearts with blocked arteries that conventional treatments had been ineffective, as reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

An Innovator Who Brings Order to an Infinitude of Equations

The mathematician Caucher Birkar was born on a subsistence farm and raised in the middle of the brutal war between Iran and Iraq. After fleeing to England, he has gone on to impose order on a wild landscape of mathematical equations.