News Clips for Aug. 18-20, 2018

Comedian David Cross faces backlash

A comedian set to perform at the University of Utah this week is facing heavy backlash online — including accusations of religious bigotry and calls for the school to cancel his show — after he promoted his act on Twitter with a photo of himself wearing Mormon temple garments.

Bail reform’s time has come for Bexar County and Texas

The ability to be released on bond should occur regardless of ability to pay. As is, the current system favors those with means. Those without languish in jail for lack of as little as $80, which means they often plead guilty just to be released from jail regardless of guilt or innocence.

Opioid crisis conference aims to educate, spread awareness of Utah epidemic

What would you do if a loved one was overdosing on opioids right in front of you? It’s a startling question, but it’s a frightening reality for many people across the country, including those of us here in Utah.

Dual Monitors vs. Ultrawide Displays: What Should You Buy?

If you want to get a second or third monitor, you probably already know that it will boost your productivity. But how much can an extra monitor help? Can you get the same benefits from a single wide-screen display as you would from two side-by-side monitors?

This U student fought for more lactation spaces on campus—and won

When Megan Browning started her graduate program at the University of Utah a year after having her first son, finding a place to breastfeed seemed like more of a challenge than any of the chemistry coursework.

"Inattention blindness" poses danger when using cell phone while driving

Driving a vehicle requires you to monitor the situation around you, keeping an eye out for any potential changes. You need to check mirrors, blind spots, your speedometer, and the road ahead, adjusting your speed and steering as necessary.