News Clips for Aug. 17, 2018

Senators urge consumer protection agency not to ‘abandon’ duty to protect troops, families

In the wake of reports that a key federal consumer protection agency is considering pulling back from efforts to protect service members from predatory lenders, 49 senators have signed a letter asking for a commitment that the bureau will continue to ensure troops are protected.

'Zombie gene' could be why so few elephants die of cancer

The longer you live, the higher your chances of developing cancer creep toward 100 percent. Moreover, the larger you are, the greater your chances are of developing cancer as well—more cells in your body mean there are more opportunities for mutations to strike and encourage a tumor to grow.

Elephants Rarely Get Cancer Because of a 'Zombie Gene'

Researchers from the University of Chicago wanted to understand why less than 5 percent of elephants die from cancer. They discovered that a "zombie gene" produced by elephants might be the answer.