News Clips for Aug. 15, 2019

Here are 6 big changes the University of Utah is making to improve campus safety after Lauren McCluskey’s murder

The University of Utah has set aside nearly $1 million to make its campus safer—upgrades that were spurred by the murder of student-athlete Lauren McCluskey. Also in ABC4, Fox13, KJZZ, Gephardt Daily, Houston Chronicle.

‘It’s just not working out’: University of Utah police spokesman leaving the department

The spokesman hired to guide the University of Utah’s police department in the wake of criticism after a student was murdered on campus last fall has confirmed that he will be leaving after six months on the job.

Woman Suffers Chronic UTIs For 45 Years

The intestine may be a new source of hope for suffers of chronic urinary tract infections, otherwise known as UTIs.

Report: Utah ranks near the bottom of the nation in many mental health measures

While Utahns debate the causes of the state’s infamously high rates of depression and suicide—is it the altitude? The culture? The number of guns?—a new report shows massive gaps in treatment of mental illness.

The Men Who Don't Believe Science When It Says That Air Conditioning Is Sexist

In July 2015, a young female journalist called Radhika Sanghani wrote an article about air conditioning for The Telegraph. That sounds innocuous enough, doesn’t it? After all, air con is a banal and often vexatious fact of life for almost anyone who works in a modern office.

This week in Mormon Land: Nigeria’s milestone, BYU’s queer evolution, and a warning about unholy smokes

W. Paul Reeve, a professor of Mormon studies at the University of Utah and the brains behind the Century of Black Mormons database, points to one slave known only as “Tom, Brother Churches.”

Utah Arts Organizations Join Forces To Increase Student Access To Performing Arts

Utah Cultural Alliance, Utah Symphony | Utah Opera, and University of Utah Fine Arts College announced today an initiative aimed at broadening student awareness of and access to the plethora of performing arts opportunities in the state.