News Clips for Aug. 1, 2018

Science may one day guarantee smarter kids. Here's why many Americans think that's a problem

Strong religious commitments lead to less support for changing a baby's DNA, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. But people of faith aren't the only ones who have concerns about the emerging technology of gene editing.

Large group attends gathering at Bears Ears

A group estimated at more than 300 people gathered at the Bears Ears Meadow on June 20 to 22 for the fourth annual Bears Ears Summer Gathering.

Utah's approach to breaking the cycle of child poverty: helping parents - Marketplace

Utah is leading states in efforts to reduce childhood poverty, one study found. One approach it's taken? Creating programs that tackle intergenerational poverty in families.

Hogle Zoo who's who: Do you remember these 4 famous critters?

Nearly 90 years ago today, Hogle Zoo opened in its current location at the mouth of Emigration Canyon. However, the Utah zoo's long history technically began several decades earlier at Salt Lake City's Liberty Park.

Providers ramp up preparation for drug shortages

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists published new guidelines that outline a detailed action plan for providers preparing for drug shortages.