News Clips for April 9, 2019

Theater review: Utah Department of Theatre's 'The Rivals' is a ridiculous delight

"The Rivals," presented by the University of Utah Department of Theatre, combines witty satire with slapstick comedy that kept the audience laughing from beginning to end on its opening night this past Friday.

College Grads Sell Stakes in Themselves to Wall Street

Instead of taking out loans, students can agree to hand over part of their future earnings in return for investment.

Early cancer screening cost-effective for patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome

Cancer screening in presymptomatic patients with Li-Fraumeni syndrome appeared cost-effective for third-party payers, according to results of a study published in Pediatric Blood and Cancer.

Predictive Technology completes new R&D cleanroom for biotech subsidiary

Using data analytics for disease identification and subsequent precision therapeutic intervention, Predictive Technology Group requires hi-tech manufacturing facilities. The company has been seeing a period of success with the acquisition of another clinical and research molecular laboratory, Taueret Laboratories. Now, the Utah-based company has completed buildout of its new production laboratory and R&D facility for its subsidiary company, Predictive Biotech.

University of Utah scientists search DNA to save a 'one in a million' boy

About 350 million people in the world are living with a rare, non-diagnosed disease. University of Utah scientists had a slim chance of diagnosing a Utah boy who was running out of time, so they searched his DNA for clues.

5 Things Utah: Utah’s Medicaid model, Cost of care, Federal health policy

We’ve pulled together three really smart voices to discuss how best to continue the momentum in Utah Medicaid: Michael Hales of the University of Utah Health, Derek Monson of the Sutherland Institute and Stacy Stanford of the Utah Health Policy Project. This panel will discuss the future of Medicaid, and will get your thoughts in the mix through audience Q&A.

The problem of predatory journals

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission won a $50 million court judgment against one large publisher, saying the company misled authors and the public. Unfortunately, the number of illegitimate journals is exploding — and they could damage your career. Here’s how to avoid falling prey.

Upcoming Pow Wows

University of Utah 47th Annual Pow Wow. April 19-20 at University of Utah Student Union Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. Info:

Unaffordable Utah: Beehive state ranks No. 10 for most household debt

Leading up to the Great Recession, Utah’s household debt increased rapidly and peaked in 2008 at $66,365 (inflation adjusted), according to the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. Household debt in Utah then declined for six consecutive years.

This Green Earth

On April 9th, Chris and Nell spoke with Julia Case, University of Utah Sustainability Major and board member of the Sustainability Board at the University. She shared the upcoming Earth Week events being offered at the U, including a lecture by Dr. Arlene Blumm on Environmental Health, drawing lessons from her vast mountaineering experience.

Algal biofuel: the long road to commercial viability

The green technology sector has fallen out of love with algae as a feedstock for biofuel production, but there is hope yet for algae-derived fuel in the long-term. What are the recent advances that are refining the production processes that could see algal biofuel compete with petroleum in the decades to come?

Is 4 hours of sleep really enough?

“Sleep is overrated.” So proclaims Stephen Klasko, who throughout his life has taken pride in sleeping only four or five hours a night.

Abortionist Claims Abortion in “Unplanned” is Inaccurate, But Admits She Hasn’t Even Seen the Movie

An abortionist claims the abortion in the movie “Unplanned” is inaccurate. But he admits he hasn’t even seen the movie. The pro-life movie “Unplanned” finished in the Top 10 after a surprisingly strong 8th place finish at the box office this weekend.