News Clips for April 8, 2021

Vaccine conversations can be messy. Here’s how to talk about the shots.

As millions of Americans eagerly roll up their sleeves for coronavirus vaccines, a significant number of others remain hesitant about the shots or reject them altogether. Consequently, many people are finding it difficult to navigate conversations with loved ones who have divergent views about the vaccines, as well as social situations involving those with different vaccination statuses.

The water that couldn’t save

Will the Great Salt Lake go up in dust?

University of Utah will require masks after state order ends

The U. plans to hold most classes in-person this fall.

Dr. Michael Good issues community letter as he takes on role of interim U of U president

Dr. Michael Good has issued a letter to the University of Utah community as he begins serving as the interim president Wednesday. Good, who is also CEO of University of Utah Health, was announced as the interim president to oversee the U during the ongoing search for a replacement for President Ruth Watkins.

Transportation Policy in Utah: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

This week on the program, sitting members of the Utah Legislature’s transportation committees discuss current policy, issues facing the state’s infrastructure and how we can more efficiently move people throughout the state.