News Clips for April 4, 2019

Investigation Into Sexual Assault on U. Campus Ongoing, Students Urged to Stay Watchful

One week ago, on March 26, the University of Utah campus was on alert following a reported sexual assault from the night before. University of Utah police have not released a suspect description or made an arrest in the case. A university spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing, while students are urged to stay watchful.

Results are in: SafeUT app thwarts 'imminent' threats to kids' lives

Beyond the Books breaks down the numbers and speaks with a University of Utah manager of the crisis line, the lawmaker who helped bring the app to schools, and well as a mom who knows firsthand about the tragedy of teen suicide.

Biotech accuses Dr. Soon-Shiong of orchestrating a 'catch and kill' scheme to protect cancer drug

A California biotech claims that the controversial billionaire biotech entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, orchestrated a "catch and kill" scheme to stop development of an experimental cancer drug that may have saved the U.S. healthcare system more than $1 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

5 Expert-Backed Ways to Be a More Body-Positive Runner

I was poised to PR when I stepped into the corrals of the Los Angeles Marathon two years ago. It was my first injury-free training cycle—up until this marathon, I always had knee pain while running—which meant I was finally able to follow my plan to a T. My long runs felt great, and my marathon time was, in fact, faster than ever. I snagged a 23-minute PR that day.

Meet the Record-Setting Number of Incoming Women Law Deans

A slew of women have been appointed law dean this semester, which will soon yield a record high for female leadership in the legal academy. The number of women occupying the dean suites has been on the rise for years, but this year’s new batch of leaders is particularly diverse in both gender and race.

Salt Lake leaders declare a 'Start by Believing' city

Four women seeking criminal charges for sexual assaults they reported but never saw go to court are now turning to a new Utah law that allows them more options for prosecution, stepping forward on the same day Salt Lake City leaders declared their committment to believing

The Mountain Life: Images of Resilience: Dr. Scott Langenecker & CONNECT'S Sheri Fisher

Dr. Scott Langenecker, psychiatrist from the University of Utah along with CONNECT Summit County executive director Sheri Fisher join to discuss a call for art for Images of Resilience which will take place on May 22 as part of the May Mental Health Awareness month. Dr. Langenecker focuses on art as a coping mechanism and the importance and research behind resiliency.

Navy Rethinking Suicide Prevention as Rates Across Military Rise

The Navy is rethinking how it addresses suicides after two years of rising rates in the service. While there’s wide recognition among the senior leadership of the problem, quick fixes don’t exist and resources are stretched thin.

Memorial fund for late Lauren McCluskey raises about $92,000

A memorial fund honoring the late, former Pullman High School track star, has raised close to $92,000 for track and field athletes at the University of Utah. The memorial fund was established by the University of Utah to honor Lauren, said Chris Nelson, communications director at the University of Utah.

Navigating family planning decisions in the age of consumer DNA tests

Imagine growing up as an only child and then learning you have multiple brothers and sisters you never knew about. That’s what happened to Salt Lake City resident Jeremy Walker. Walker writes commercials for KSL TV, but the New Jersey native couldn’t have scripted the last couple of months.

Four women say their sexual assault cases should have led to criminal charges. They are demanding that Utah’s attorney general take a second look.

Four women who say the Salt Lake County district attorney’s office mishandled their sexual assault reports have a new avenue to seek the justice they believe they deserve. And they plan to take it.

Students create their own Passover on campus

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home … ” Dorothy’s mantra expressed the deep longing for the safety and warmth of home but, if she’d been Jewish, The Wizard of Oz heroine would no doubt have said, “There’s no place like home … for Passover.”

Sin Fronteras

Sometimes, an event hits on a hot-button issue in the political consciousness. In the case of the Borderlands Conference, that event got rolling before the issue had reached its hottest point.

The Buzz: Utah's Native Bees in Peril

Although a beehive adorns the state seal, honeybees are not native to the "Beehive State." They arrived in Utah with Mormon settlers, who held the honeybee in high regard for what, you guessed it, they considered its industrious nature and collective spirit—virtues they saw embodied in their own community. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leader Brigham Young initially named the region "Deseret," the Book of Mormon's word for honeybee.