News Clips for April 30, 2020

When 1 + 1 = 5 million: The remarkable math of ordinary people responding to a crisis

I am horrible at math. Once my children got past the third grade, I told them they had to rely on outside help for math homework. I sort of have my own “Mathesonian math method.” Mostly I like little numbers that can be added up. But not just in a “1 + 1 = 2” kind of way.

‘This is a potential public health disaster:' COVID-19 results from are raising questions

The accuracy of coronavirus tests by has come into question, with state data showing that the rate of positive results among people tested at its sites is less than half what it is for patients tested elsewhere in the state.

U of U gaming students hold one of a kind virtual graduation with use of avatars

As universities around the country cancel graduation ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Utah’s video game development program will be holding their own virtual reality graduation ceremony.

Utah FORGE solicitation for research proposals with funding of up to a total of $46 million

The University of Utah and the Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) have launched a solicitation for research proposals for up to 18 awards totalling $46 million in funding.

U of U researching new and old meds for possible coronavirus treatment

As the number of COVID-19 patients continues to climb across the country, some doctors say people are desperate to find any kind of coronavirus treatment. Researchers at the University of Utah are trying to find ways to tackle the virus, and one of them involves a new kind of drug.

Former Utes QB Alex Smith Shares Congratulatory Message With University of Utah’s Class Of 2020

Former Utah Utes and current Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith shared a congratulatory message with the University of Utah’s Class of 2020. The Utah alum shared his congrats with a video posted on Twitter.

Hill AFB begins tour of Utah, saluting health care workers and residents

Utah’s skies began thundering Thursday afternoon as a few members of the Hill Air Force Base’s 388th Fighter Wing began flying in formation across the state, saluting medical workers on the front line combatting COVID-19 and residents helping stop the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home.

4 ways to promote better mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus rise past 4,300 in Utah, many residents are dealing with stressors that may affect mental health. “Right now, just using the word ‘pandemic’ or ‘quarantine,’ sets a lot of people off into this panicky space,” said Dr. Matt Woolley, a licensed clinical psychologist for the University of Utah.

3 Strategies for Slashing Campus Energy Use

The two largest universities participating in the Better Buildings Challenge achieved their goals recently. Michigan State University, which has 20 million square feet of building space, and the University of Utah, which has 17 million, are two of just 23 colleges and universities participating in the initiative.

How to reduce your ‘message fatigue’ : Taking a step back from media is one answer

People are wearying of the deluge of COVID-19 information and finding some relief, experts say, could involve something as simple as taking a break. “People need to unplug and maybe limit the information they’re looking for,” said Deidre Ashley, executive director of the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. Jakob Jensen, a University of Utah professor, has been studying how people have responded around the nation to information about the coronavirus.