News Clips for April 29, 2020

10 ways we could be better when the pandemic is over

They come at a terrible cost, but some societal changes in the wake of COVID-19 might be good.

Weeks after big quake, new study extends map of Wasatch Front faults by hundreds of miles

An inconvenient geological truth is staring at the Intermountain West. One of its most densely populated metropolitan area happens to also be its most seismically unstable, raising the possibility — some would say inevitability — of catastrophic loss of life and economic upheaval in the event of a major earthquake.

Gold standard force fields help identify promising peptides to disrupt COVID-19

Drug discovery is arduous, expensive, and often prone to failure, but computer-aided drug design and simulation can speed up and improve the development of treatments.

Where the coronavirus is hitting rural America hard

Covid-19 is running rampant through some workplaces, including factories and farms.

Utah-based lab expands coronavirus antibody testing effort nationwide

ARUP Laboratories in Utah is expanding its coronavirus anitbody testing efforts by offering its services to the nation. ARUP was the first lab in the nation to offer COVID-19 antibody assays to test for exposure to the virus, according to a press release.

Federal court ruling could put GOP gubernatorial candidate Jan Garbett on primary ballot

Judge orders voter signature threshold lowered because of lost time from pandemic.

Utah attorney general suspends state contract with Banjo in light of founder’s KKK past

The Utah attorney general’s office will suspend use of a massive surveillance system after a news report showed that the founder of the company behind the effort was once an active participant in a white supremacist group and was involved in the shooting of a synagogue.

Utah jailers say they’re proud of their coronavirus response, reject lawsuit

Utah jailers are defending their response to the coronavirus pandemic and arguing the high court shouldn’t force them to release more inmates, despite the lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and others.

Utah announces options for football season ticket holders amid coronavirus concerns

Sales benefit student-athletes and help keep the athletics department going strong.

Pharmacists question legality of state’s scrapped plan to distribute malaria meds for COVID-19

Questions are surfacing about whether Utah officials budgeted $8 million and spent weeks brainstorming for a plan to mass distribute malaria drugs in violation of state and federal law.

Math After COVID-19

Modern mathematics relies on collaboration and travel. COVID-19 is making it increasingly difficult.