News Clips for April 27-29, 2019

University program showcases student-made games, addresses drone traffic

The University of Utah’s Electronic Arts and Engineering program showcased a variety of student-made games at their launch week on Wednesday, including an application which will help Salt Lake City manage future drone traffic.

U of U Health, VA Salt Lake City announce new South Jordan VA clinic

University of Utah Health and the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System (VASLCHCS) collaborated to provide a new location for veteran healthcare. U of U Health and VASLCHCS announced Wednesday a new partnership to better meet veteran healthcare needs.

Vivint Smart Home edges out University of Utah as 2018 patents champ

After nearly a decade of dominating the list of U.S. patents earned by Utah companies and institutions, the University of Utah is a rare runner-up behind the 2018 patent champs — home automation specialists Vivint Smart Home.

University of Utah announces new findings on childhood cancer and air pollution

This week, doctors at the University of Utah Health announced findings from their work on a new study. Their findings from the study in partnership with Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) are based on data collected from 1986-2012 and from over 4,000 patients. The study found an unusual correlation between emergency room visits and childhood cancer survivors.

Hate crimes, religion, white nationalism hot topics at Salt Lake County's 'Stand Against Racism' panel

"I love the Bill of Rights, I love the Constitution, I love the liberties that made us free in this country," Ed Ayers, of Salt Lake City, told a panel discussing racism Friday. "Is it not racist and discriminatory calling me a white nationalist when I believe in this country?"

Have dysfunction and infighting made Utah’s major political parties irrelevant?

Other than for ninth grade student body president, Melissa Garff Ballard had never run a campaign before. Still, when the North Salt Lake Republican launched her bid for a Utah House seat last year, she figured she’d receive enough help from her party to make up for any gaps in knowledge.

E-scooters set to roll into Research Park, could get leeway on deployment caps

A zippy new transportation option is headed for the 15,000 public and private employees who toil each day at various University of Utah Research Park operations, an area long underserved by public transportation but just a short hop away from multiple transit nodes that serve the school's main campus areas.

Ted Bundy's Education Might Explain How He Became A Serial Killer

In 1974-yep, the same year as that first official murder-Ted Bundy moved to Utah to study law at the University of Utah Law School. Some say he only got into the school because of his political connections, not for his actual grades, per Business Insider.