News Clips for April 25, 2019

Utah’s poet laureate receives $100,000 grant to fund her literary Mapping Utah project and poetry festival

Utah's poet laureate has received a $100,000 award and been named an Academy of American Poets laureate fellow. Paisley Rekdal, who was appointed to the unpaid position by Gov. Gary Herbert in May 2017, is one of 13 state or local poets laureate to be honored by the academy. And she was taken aback by the announcement.

U of U police chief speaks out on open sexual assault cases

As his department investigates multiple sexual assaults on or near campus, University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy is speaking out. "I'm confident that through some hard work that we're going to identify this person," said Chief Brophy.

University of Utah team working on how to stay in command of coming drone horde

Those having trouble envisioning thousands of package- and human-carrying drones buzzing above downtown Salt Lake City need squint no more. On Wednesday a group of University of Utah students unveiled the first iteration of a new software program, a sort of game really, that simulates exactly what that will look like.

The Valedictorian Of Being Dead

We’re talking to pioneering blogger Heather Armstrong about the ten times her doctors made her brain dead. It was a clinical trial to flatline the brain as a treatment for severe depression.

Housing costs skyrocketed in 2018, but could slow this year, analyst says

Utah's housing market has been among the hottest in the western region over the past several years, according to data compiled by University of Utah researchers. The result has been escalating prices for homebuyers and apartment seekers, especially along the Wasatch Front where double-digit increases have become the norm.

In 50 years, a more diverse Utah will look like today's U.S.

By the time today's preschoolers have grandchildren of their own, Utah's classrooms and workplaces will be significantly more diverse.

Univ. of Utah's Veteran Studies Center announces partnership to increase PTSD treatment enrollment

The National Center for Veterans Studies (NCVS) at the University of Utah announced a new partnership as it works to provide a non-medication psychological treatment to veterans or military members who are struggling with PTSD.

When the Dems Come Marching In

Red domination be damned, Democratic presidential candidates flock to Utah leading to 2020 election.

Summit County Council May Award Mental Health Services Contract To U of U

Looking at the Summit County Council’s busy agenda Wednesday, with several different items, one major topic is a possible decision on the new Mental Health Services contract. The council’s advisory committee has made a recommendation.

Minority population expected to boom in Utah in next 50 years. In 2065, 42% of schoolchildren projected to be minorities.

Minorities will generate half of Utah’s population growth over the next 50 years — converting its young generations into more diverse groups by then, a new first-of-its-kind study projects.

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company’s Bloom concert closes with a magnificent choreographic bouquet

Many florists and horticulturists associate metaphorical themes with flowers and plants. Indeed, in every spring bloom, there is a unique significance: friendship, perseverance, patience, enthusiasm, honesty, unconditional love and affection, rebirth, dignity, strength of character, trust, just to name a few.

8 different ways to burn more fat

Even if you spend your day sitting at a desk, drinking water can make a huge difference. A study conducted by the University of Utah found that people who drank eight to 12 glasses of water a day burned more fat than people who only drank four glasses.

Geologists get a better look at longer Teton Fault

Thousands of backcountry skiers slid over the most southern extent of the Teton Fault this winter, though the imperceptible geologic feature was likely not on their radar.