News Clips for April 2-6, 2021

New Residency Aims To Connect Artists And Scientists On Path To Climate Solutions

Light pollution may not be the most pressing environmental issue at the moment, but it is one that comes with serious health, ecological and economic consequences. That’s according to Daniel Mendoza, a researcher and professor who runs the University of Utah’s Dark Skies minor.

Genetic therapies offer new hope against incurable brain diseases

A class of drugs that silence the effects of faulty genes could help tackle brain diseases — but a halted clinical trial has brought the field up short.

Strain of COVID Care Has Many Health Professionals Looking for an Exit

After the pandemic, the next great health care challenge in the United States could be retaining highly trained doctors, nurses and scientists, a new study warns.

How Lower-Income Americans Get Cheated on Property Taxes

Many homeowners are paying a total of billions of dollars extra because of inequities in assessing property values.

Utah summer camps will be open this year, but with changes

Parents may need back-up options, though, since spaces are limited due to COVID-19.

Most Utahns are vaccinated or want to be soon, but how many say they’ll never get the shots?

Nearly half of Utahns say they’ve already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and another 15% want to get the shots as soon as possible, according to results from a new Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics poll.

Great Utah ShakeOut: Are you ready for this year’s earthquake drills?

Did you know Utah, on average, has at least 1,400 earthquakes and aftershocks each year? Mark Hale, Seismologist with the University of Utah Seismograph Stations, tells ABC4 only about 2% of those earthquakes are felt.

LDS Church meetinghouse would make way for new student housing; profit would pay for scholarships at the U.

With approvals from the city, an LDS Church meetinghouse would make way for more than 500 new apartments near the University of Utah in a unique bid to add student housing and fund scholarships for lower-income students.

University of Utah theater program again faces criticism about representation and casting, cancels show

Students raised concerns about a musical number usually performed by a Black actor, by a cast without any Black members.

IN FOCUS Discussion: Bystander Intervention & Anti-Discrimination Response Training

Brittany Kiyoko Badger Gleed, Director for Student Wellness at the University of Utah joined ABC4’s Rosie Nguyen to talk about the training provided to students on campus, called “Check on U-Tah: Building Community Through Bystander Intervention.”

Are Spring Sports Safe for Kids?

Youth sports are ramping up in many parts of the country. But without a vaccine for children, we still need to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Will ‘COVID passports’ be required in Utah?

Could you be required to show a “COVID passport,” essentially, proof you’ve been vaccinated — to see movies, go to concerts, attend a sporting event or eat at your favorite restaurant?

3 Salt Lake City creeks see the light as Three Creeks Confluence nears completion

Workers in recent months unearthed the point where water from three Salt Lake Valley creeks merges with the Jordan River, an area that has not been seen by anyone in at least a century.