News Clips for April 19, 2019

Save our winters

“Last year was the first time in the history of Snowbird that we opened the resort for the season, then had to close again due to lack of snow,” says Hilary Arens, director of sustainability at Snowbird Resort. “We’re seeing the impact of climate change here on the ground already. Not just in the amount of snow we’re getting, but in the number of rain-on-snow weather events we’re seeing. Historically, that happened once or twice per winter. Last year, it happened nine times.”

‘It’s still a mystery I love,' University of Utah professor choreographs his final dance before retirement

In a small studio in the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, a slight man sitting in a chair watches six dancers shift together. Each dancer moves deliberately, relying on the others to catch him here or push her there. Every now and then, Stephen Koester puts on his glasses to write in his notebook. Then he takes them off to continue to watch the dancers.

University of Utah math professor elected to Royal Society of London

Christopher Hacon, University of Utah distinguished professor of mathematics, has been elected to the Royal Society of London. Born in London, Hacon is one of 50 eminent scientists elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, along with 10 foreign members, in 2019.

USU partners with UofU in legal cannabis research

Two leading universities in the state, the University of Utah and Utah State University, are collaborating in legal hemp research.

Kirby: Remembering when Utah tried to outlaw football, before lawmakers were told to take a hike.

History — particularly Utah history — is a favorite pastime. I love reading old newspapers as a way of seeing what everyday life was like in earlier times. A lot of the news wasn’t pretty. Crime, racism, religious spats and other behaviors were alive and well in a society that, like today, was similarly incapable of getting over itself.

Running for free speech, free press and free society

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law will host the 37th Annual Law Day 5K Run and Walk on May 4, 2019. The theme this year is free speech, free press and free society.

False alarms highlight hypervigilance in Utah schools

A pair of schools in Midvale were forced to shelter in place Thursday after an employee reported what she believed was the sound of gunshots nearby. “She brought all of the kids in from the playground, reported it to the office, and the office then reported it to police who started their investigation,” said Jeff Haney, a spokesperson for the Canyons School District.